LUNA Is Now on Nexo!

Yesterday, Nexo announced that LUNA will be added to its asset portfolio. Users will be able to quickly exchange, borrow against, earn, and buy LUNA on Nexo. Users can earn up to 8% interest on their deposits, which will be paid out daily.

The Terra blockchain system uses LUNA to keep the price of stablecoins stable.
Investors can trade their LUNA on the Nexo platform for an immediate cash equivalent to their LUNA worth. Also, LUNA holders can borrow against their assets at a low rate of interest, starting at 0% APR.

There are several options available:

  • Earn up to 8% interest on LUNA, which is paid out daily.
  • Purchase LUNA on Nexo and get it into your wallet in seconds.
  • Get instant cashback when exchanging your LUNA on the Nexo exchange.
  • Borrow against your LUNA for a 0% APR.
How to Buy LUNA on Nexo?

All it takes is a single button press. You simply need to go on your Nexo wallet, enter your bank information, and make a quick and efficient purchase.

On Nexo, you can trade LUNA in the following market pairs:

How to Earn on LUNA?

Nexo’s Earn Crypto Interest program allows you to earn interest on your LUNA holdings, letting you increase your wealth safely on Nexo’s platform. You only need to add funds to your LUNA accounts, and they will begin earning interest (passive income) immediately. It is possible to earn up to 8% interest, which is paid daily on LUNA.

How to Borrow With LUNA as Collateral?

Nexo customers can borrow stablecoins or cash at very low rates by using their LUNA tokens as collateral. You can do that with Crypto Credit Lines. Nexo clients in the Gold or Platinum tiers are eligible for a LUNA-backed credit with a 0% APR.

Clients can take out loans of up to $2 million. There are no Credit checks by the exchange, and they process and approve loan requests instantly. Borrowers can pay off their loans in part or whole at any time.

About Terra

Terra is an open-source blockchain technology for algorithmic stablecoins that powers price-stable global payment systems. Terra offers fast and economical settlements. It is possible by combining the wide adoption of fiat currencies with decentralized oracle voting.

The native token of Terra is LUNA. It keeps the price of the protocol’s stablecoins stable. Holders receive staking benefits as well as the ability to submit and vote on governance proposals.

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