Solana Co-Founder Stands with Ethereum Against SEC Classification

His bold statement, “If the state is against Ethereum, then I am against the state,” comes in response to the U.S. SEC’s efforts to classify Ethereum as a security.

The SEC’s action signifies a major moment in crypto regulation talks, with implications for digital assets’ future. Let’s explore more about this reaction from the Co-Founder of Solana.

SEC’s Ethereum Stance: A Turning Point for Crypto

Ethereum has been a cornerstone for dApps, smart contracts, and various other innovations. The Solana co-founder’s remarks emphasize crypto unity and concern over regulations that may hinder industry innovation and growth.

Opposing state interference in Ethereum’s classification, he defends not just Ethereum but the whole blockchain’s autonomy and freedom. This stance resonates with a core principle cherished by the crypto community: the belief in decentralization and resistance to centralized control.

The SEC’s push to label Ethereum as a security may tighten regulations, impacting its trading and project development. Regulatory uncertainty challenges those using Ethereum for applications and transactions.

More About the Solana

Over the last 48 hours, the Solana network experienced a significant inflow of stablecoins, totaling over $200 million. Specifically, on March 19, Solana saw an inflow of $135 million in stablecoins, followed by an additional $76 million on March 20.

This substantial influx reflects growing investor confidence and increased activity within the Solana ecosystem. This highlights its potential as a vibrant platform for digital finance and decentralized applications.



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