Coinbase Faces Delays from Base Network Congestion

Coinbase alerts users to possible intermittent transaction failures on its wallet and website due to Base network congestion.

This development underscores the challenges faced by blockchain networks and platforms as they scale to meet growing demand.

Coinbase Transactions Hit by Base Congestion

The Base network, known for its robust features and efficiency in handling transactions, has recently experienced unprecedented traffic. This activity surge caused bottlenecks, slowing transactions and leading to some failures. For Coinbase users, trading, withdrawals, and deposits may face disruptions, impacting their strategies and operations.

Coinbase’s transparency in communicating these issues to its user base reflects its commitment to customer service and operational integrity. The exchange is collaborating with the Base team to resolve congestion and enhance transaction experiences. Coinbase recommends transacting during off-peak times to reduce failure risks.

This situation highlights the growing pains that come with the rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With more adopting digital currencies, networks like Base face pressure to efficiently handle more transactions. This incident serves as a reminder of the technical and infrastructural challenges that need to be addressed to sustain the growth of the crypto market.

More About Base

The Base Network has announced a scheduled pause exercise for March 27th, from 11 AM to 12 PM PDT. During this time planned maintenance will be conducted, temporarily suspending withdrawals from the Base’s bridge.

This maintenance is key to the Base’s strategy for quick incident management and mitigation. Despite temporary withdrawal halts, users’ funds stay secure and will be accessible post-maintenance, maintaining platform integrity.


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