This ALTCOIN Project is Betting BIG on Crypto AI

We’ve been hitting the hot narratives pretty hard lately. Areas like Bitcoin, AI, Real World Assets, and DePIN.  But they aren’t the only fast-growing areas. 

Online education is growing fast, too and the project we cover today recently did an 11.8x IDO. We already know Open Campus does a great job at covering K-12 educational tools in Web3. And for more specialized knowledge there is only one place to get it in Web3. Edu3labs

New Partnerships

As we mentioned in our last video about Edu3labs, they are the Udemy of Web3. And more importantly, they have a HUGE lead in online education from any other Web3 project. Edu3labs is working to increase its lead in the sector by signing up lots of new partnerships.

  • Skillful AI

Edu3labs has an AI component that helps customize the course content to your leads. So a partnership like Skillful AI seems natural. Skillful AI offers customized virtual assistants with specific knowledge in a narrow area like writing sales copy. So you can see how that fits in with Edu3labs customizing course content for its users too.

  • Openfabric

Openfabric is an AI platform too. It’s everything from hardware for AI language model computations to a marketplace to sell your AI services. Again, this is a great fit with the customized features that Edu3labs is offering.

  • Hybrid

Again with the AI, this partnership with Hybrid includes using its Atlas LLM for data analytics purposes. Course creators on Edu3labs will LOVE that they can slice and dice the data of who is buying and using their courses so easily.

Hybrid specializes in the data layer of the blockchain. This could be an interesting AI use case that threatens the leadership of The Graph and PARSIQ in this area of infrastructure. This AI-assisted idea is becoming a big theme in this ecosystem.

  • CLS Global

Traders will love this next partnership. CLS Global is a market maker and trading and liquidity provider for different DeFi protocols. Their partnership with Edu3labs means that CLS will create trading courses on Edu3labs to help with trading education specifically and cryptocurrency market education in general. A great win/win partnership here on this one.

  • KIP

And our last big partnership for today, KIP. KIP Protocol is a Layer 1 blockchain with backers like huge gaming investors Animoca Brands. With KIP, you use the blockchain to secure your knowledge as an asset on the chain. Then you decide who gets to use it and how because you control your data. This is the decentralized AI development that we are hoping will happen.

We don’t want centralized entities like Microsoft to own all our data just because they own OpenAI. You should get to decide who uses your data. And you should be compensated too. With KIP, you are.

The partnership with Edu3labs means you can take your knowledge assets, which are special ERC 3525 type NFTs, and sell them directly on the platform as a course. OR you can sell or lend them to another course creator so they can use your specialized info as part of their larger course. While paying you for it, of course.

This again is a great deal for all parties especially the users of Edu3labs. Those of us who are buying these courses will get access to the best, most updated info because there are no gatekeepers like MSFT keeping information from you.

Decentralized AI means you can access the best information out there, not just the best information MSFT wants to make available. What AI project is your favorite right now? Let us know in the comments below.

LayerdApp Helps Optimism Airdrop

LayerdApp is a bridge from the Edu3labs team. They have one of the easiest and cheapest solutions to bridge to Optimism. It has 4 BILLION dollars worth of airdrops coming. And the result is that for airdrop hunters, LayerdApp is becoming one of the bridges of choice.

When you can move tokens in to get airdrops easily, you can do them more often, pay less, and get more token allocations in return. And it’s not just Optimism either.

After Solana, the biggest memecoin chain and open airdrop arena is on Base. Now Base was built using Optimism’s tech. But Base uses ETH for gas while Optimism uses its $OP token for gas. So that’s one big difference. The other is the number of ecosystem and meme projects launching. Base has them.

LayerdApp is becoming the airdrop hunter tool to move tokens across chains for easy qualifying.

The $NFE Token

The key to using the Edu3labs platform is the $NFE token. As these partnerships grow, demand for the token grows too.

DAOMaker was one of the IDO launchpads for the $NFE token. And they just announced that the initial staking pool time for the $NFE token is extended another 6 months. So DAOMaker investors into $NFE can stake for another 6 months and earn 14% APR while doing so.

That’s a good deal. After a debut at IDO of 3 cents, it’s already done a 5x to 16 cents. As the platform grows and you can earn discounts on courses and a revenue share from holding the token, it should only grow from here.

Right now, you can buy on and MEXC for centralized exchanges or PancakeSwap. More exchanges will come online soon. Edu3labs is the Udemy for Web3. To learn more and try it out, go here.


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