Top 5 Crypto News: 01/19

Bitcoin is still consolidating close to $37,000. Meanwhile, Ethereum came close to its all-time high, reaching $1,423 today with ETH dominance now close to 15%.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news for today.

Enjin Becomes the First Gaming Token Authorized for Use in Japan

Enjin announced that after 1.5 years of due diligence, they have been approved by the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA). Additionally,  it will list on Coincheck to become the first gaming token to be listed on an exchange in Japan, being able to be purchased with JPY and traded with BTC.

Swirge and Matic Network To Launch Decentralized Social Media Rewards Ecosystem

Swirge Network partnered with Matic to bring Swirge Pay, Swirge Marketplace, and Swirge Social Media to Matic Network. Besides this, users will get rewards for their social activities on this platform. The two companies are celebrating the new partnership with a giveaway. Interested people can win 20,000 $SWG and $200 of Matic. 100 winners will be picked.

ShareRing and KardiaChain Partner To Promote the Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology

ShareRing enters into a partnership with KardiaChain. This formal partnership will promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Additionally, they will also provide blockchain solutions for businesses and authorities in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region. Another aspect of the partnership is that the wallet in the ShareRing app will integrate KardiaChain’s token.

Huobi Korea Becomes the First Virtual Asset Exchange To Be Certified By ISMS

Huobi Korea obtains certification from the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA). According to the news, Huobi Korea is the first virtual asset exchange to be certified by ISMS. The certification is for “technical and physical security and safety of the information and communication network that protects and manages customers’ assets and information.”

Ethereum Transaction Volume Going Parabolic With Daily Transactions of $12 Billion 

Messari’s Ryan Watkins tweeted that Ethereum now settles $12 billion in transactions daily. In addition to this, he said ETH daily transaction volume is going parabolic. Furthermore, he posted a chart comparison between ETH and BTC daily transaction volumes.

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