Top Crypto News: 06/30

A significant number of developments took place in the crypto space today. Bitcoin price has decreased by 3.6% and is trading at $34,877. However, Ethereum is up 2.9% over the last 24 hours and is trading at $2,246.

Let’s go through some of the top crypto news for today.

1 – Revolut Now Supports Polkadot (DOT)

Revolut, a London-based fintech company, announced support for Polkadot’s DOT token. This also means DOT will be available for buying, storing, and trading on the Revolut mobile app.

Per reports, DOT will be the latest cryptocurrency to be added to the digital banking platform. Therefore, becoming available to Revolut’s 15 million retail and business customers around the world.

2 – Ocean Protocol Collaborates With Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

OpenOcean, a popular CEX and DEX platform, has announced that Ocean Protocol technology will be installed on the BSC system.

Notably, Ocean technology on BSC will include Ocean Subgraph, Ocean smart contracts, Aquarius (metadata cache), and Ocean Market.

Besides, the collaboration means OCEAN token holders can move their tokens between BSC and the Ethereum mainnet. Ocean Market users can also stake, swap, publish, and consume data assets in BSC.

The founder of Ocean Protocol, Bruce Pon, said, “Binance Smart Chain has been an excellent addition to the EVM ecosystem, considering the prohibitively high gas fees on Ethereum mainnet. Binance Smart Chain has created a top-tier platform for EVM smart contracts and for bridging across chains. We’re excited to deliver yet another milestone on our multi-chain strategy so that Ocean users may benefit from lower gas costs in Ocean Market and other emerging dApps and protocols that use Ocean technology.”

3 – UniFarm Staking Goes Live, Allows SingularityDAO Tokens

UniFarm is a DeFi system that carries out yield-farming campaigns using multiple tokens combined into Cohorts. Unifarm has just launched Cohort 15, which includes SingularityDAO (SDAO).

The program also allows users to farm three tokens (UFRAM, NUX, and GAINS) aside from SDAO for three months.

SingularityDAO also reported, “This represents another step in the development of our DeFi ecosystem, giving users a new way to earn SDAO tokens, and drawing Unifarm’s community into the SDAO family, connecting SDAO to more markets, giving the token greater liquidity and utility.”

4 – Blind Boxes Plans to Integrate With Polygon

Blind Boxes, the gamified curation and NFT launchpad platform, has announced they’ll be launching on Polygon next month. They described the partnership as “…another important milestone for our project.”

The collaboration is expected to increase the awareness of the Blind Boxes Marketplace to users on Polygon Network.

Besides, this move “unlocks the ability for Ethereum users in the BLES community to migrate their ERC-721 standard tokens to Polygon Network and access their incredibly low fees and faster transaction throughput.”

Also, creators from Polygon will be able to mint their NFTs using the ERC-721 standard while enjoying the user experience of their network.

5 – Sentinel Network ($dVPN) Plans Transition to Cosmos

Our last bit of crypto news for today involves Sentinel Network ($dVPN), a decentralized VPN protocol, working on moving to Cosmos.

The announcement also stated, “#Sentinel’s $dVPN nodes on @cosmos are being designed to be compatible with any Open-WRT enabled router, and users will not be restricted to purchasing affiliated routers and can use their own.”

Besides, the network plans to give users the opportunity to “mine bandwidth” using their routers. As well as, to advise “tens of 1000s of hardware devices to provide bandwidth.”

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