This test was conducted over several days, achieving a sustained rate of 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

It showcased the potential of Vryx to handle extreme transaction volumes with robust efficiency.

Vryx Devnet Demonstrates High-Speed Transaction Capability

According to Patrick O’Grady, The Vryx devnet operates on a platform known as Avalanche HyperSDK. It is a product of Ava Labs’ innovative approach to blockchain technology. The HyperSDK framework allows for significant scalability, enabling the processing of an increased number of transactions per second.

In January, Ava Labs introduced Vryx, a groundbreaking advancement in blockchain technology. Vryx is described as a fortified decoupled state machine replication construction. This innovation provides a pathway to escalate the throughput capabilities of each Avalanche HyperSDK blockchain instance beyond 100,000 TPS.

The recent test involved 10 million active accounts, with 2.5 million active every 60 seconds and 95,000 active each second. These accounts were engaged in sending transfers to each other, simulating a high-demand environment. This tested the Vryx devnet’s capacity to manage a large volume of transactions swiftly and effectively.

More About Vryx

Vryx employs a unique technology called Vilmo, which stands for Verification of State Transitions and Synchronization without Merklization. This technology allows Vryx to verify transactions without the need for Merklization. Merklization is a common method used in blockchain networks to ensure the integrity of data blocks. By eliminating the need for Merklization, Vryx enhances the efficiency of transaction verification, further contributing to its high throughput capability.

This successful test represents a significant milestone for Ava Labs and the broader blockchain community. It not only validates the scalability and performance enhancements introduced by Vryx. Also, it sets a new benchmark for transaction processing speed in decentralized networks.


The ability to handle such a high volume of transactions per second opens up new possibilities for the deployment of blockchain technology in sectors that require rapid, high-volume transaction processing, such as financial services, supply chain management, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.



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