Adds VeChain (VET) to Recurring Buy, a leading cryptocurrency and payment platform, announced the addition of VeChain’s VET token to its Recurring Buy feature. Starting Sept 10, app users can automate their VET purchases. Additionally, the users can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly VET purchases. In financial terms, the VET traders can apply the dollar-cost averaging investment strategy to minimize the risk and maximize the investment returns.

With this announcement, VeChain (VET) becomes the fifth token after BTC, ETH, BAND, and LINK to be enjoying the Recurring Buy feature. In addition to the purchase automation, the Recurring Buy feature will help investors reduce the impact of market volatility on their entire bag of VET.

How will it work?

The VET traders can use the app to automate their VET purchases with a minimum purchase amount of $50. Furthermore, the maximum number of recurring buys is limited to five buys per month, irrespective of the CRO staked. At present, the Recurring Buy feature on the app accepts payments through credit cards only.

Importantly, CRO staking plays an important role in the credit card purchase monthly limit. For users with a zero CRO staking, the monthly purchase amount limit is $500, and it goes up to $20,000 with rising CRO staking levels.

According to the website, the token purchase will occur automatically at end of the day as per the users’ local time. The user can cancel a recurring purchase according to the time difference between creation and scheduled purchase.

Why VeChain? and VeChain are marching towards a near common goal. While continues working towards global crypto adoption, VeChain is working towards global blockchain adoption.

VeChain is one of the most notable blockchain platforms that has developed real-world business applications. On top of that, its products have witnessed real-world adoption across multiple sectors by leading enterprises.

Some of VeChain’s strategic partners are PwC, DNV GL, and NRCC. It has also fostered a partnership with BMW Group, Walmart, H&M, Shanghai Gas, Haier, and additional groups.

VeChain’s token is also found on the Coinbase asset listing exploration list.

At Altcoin Buzz, we are pretty bullish about VeChain. Here is a video from our YouTube channel that talks about VeChain bullish indicators of 2020.


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