World Chain: Launching a Human-Centric Blockchain This Summer

This new blockchain emphasizes inclusivity and prioritizes real human interaction over automated processes.

The core innovation of World Chain is its commitment to prioritizing verified human users. Let’s explore more about it.

Redefining Blockchain for Human Use?

This approach will ensure that real people, rather than bots, receive priority in terms of block space allocation. Verified human users will get a gas allowance for everyday transactions, making digital interactions more affordable and accessible. This unique feature aims to encourage more human-centric applications and usage.

For developers, World Chain offers a significant opportunity. They will access millions of verified users globally, offering a vast audience for apps that improve daily utility and meet everyday needs. This could significantly boost developer engagement and lead to the creation of a wide range of useful, real-world applications on the blockchain.

Integration with the Worldcoin protocol is another pivotal aspect of World Chain. This integration includes the use of World ID’s Proof of Personhood, a mechanism designed to verify the uniqueness of each user in a privacy-preserving manner. This synergy will accelerate the growth of the network and enhance its utility, making it a potent tool for establishing trust and security in digital interactions.

More About World Coin

Moreover, World Chain will be secured as an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs while utilizing Ethereum’s strong security framework.  It will also be integrated into the Superchain ecosystem. It is designed for high scalability to smoothly handle large user loads and complex operations.

According to the announcement, World Chain will be permissionless and open-source, inviting contributions and improvements from developers globally. The long-term vision for World Chain includes transitioning to a governance model fully controlled by its community, underlining its commitment to democratic and decentralized management.



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