This Altcoin Project Will Grow With Crypto's AI Explosion

Moving from Web2 to Web3 is big business. Many companies are looking for a way into Web3. Once you make your presence in Web3, you also want to make an impact. Everything Web3-related should be in place.

However, that may be easier said than done. There’s a lot involved when changing markets. Let’s see how this altcoin is developing.

Morpheus Labs helps firms to make this transition. Their platform has all the tools needed to make a successful transition. You may want to take a look at this video I did about Morpheus Labs. It’s a good refresher that shows what Morpheus Labs is about. In this video, I will present you with some cool updates about Morpheus Labs. The team is busy, and it’s reflected in their activities.

Morpheus Labs New Partnerships

Partnerships in the crypto space can give you a competitive edge. Strategic partnerships can raise a project’s profile and create media attention.  Furthermore, it can also give a positive price push to the project’s token. Besides being a powerful marketing technique, it can also raise a firm’s value.

There are also plenty of benefits. How about:

  • Being able to reach new markets that were out of research before.
  • Increase growth and expansion.
  • Get a better idea of new consumer demands.
  • Get a foot on the ground in the network of your new partner’s previous partnerships.

So, here are three new partnerships that Morpheus Labs announced.

  • Coinweb 
This is a pioneering layer 2 interoperability platform. This partnership should overcome barriers and fuel mass adoption. 

For example, it allows devs to deploy apps on various blockchains. Toby Gilbert, Coinweb’s CEO, foresees that Web2 firms will move their users to Web3. Morpheus Labs provides the tools for this. It uses Coinweb as the underlying protocol to achieve this. Here is an interview with the CEO of Coinweb:

  • Sotatek

This is a consulting and software development company. It wants to speed up blockchain adoption and encourage dev collaborations. Sotatek has offices all around the world. For example, in Vietnam, Japan, the US, Australia, and South Korea. 

Their team has over 1200 IT devs and consultants. Their combined efforts will make custom Web3 app building faster and easier to deploy for clients.

Sotatek will get access to Morpheus Labs’ AI-Powered Smart Contract Studio and Workflow Studio.

  • Ekotek

This is a software development for blockchain, AI, games, and more. Both teams will join marketing efforts. Both teams are looking for growth in the AI and blockchain spaces.

Ekotek will also get access to the AI-powered Smart Contract Studio and Workflow Studio.

Towards the end of April, there will also be a giveaway campaign with Morpheus Labs and This is a curated travel and lifestyle guide. This could be interesting, so keep your eyes open for this announcement.

Staking and More

Staking is coming to Morpheus Labs. Later this month, you will be able to stake your $MIND tokens. This will, among other things, secure the network. It’s a big event for Morpheus Labs.  On the other hand, it also allows the community to earn staking rewards. Further down the road, there will also be governance opportunities for $MIND altcoin holders.

The team will announce shortly more information about lock-up periods and rewards. The more $MIND you stake, the higher the reward will be. You can claim the rewards at the end of each staking period. This has also the potential to boost the $MIND token price. The current $MIND altcoin price is $0.00409.

Once the staking feature goes live, it will trigger another event. Furthermore, Morpheus Labs will launch a new Ambassador program. Keep your eyes peeled to their social media outlets, so you don’t miss their announcement. This is also a great opportunity to step up your role inside the community.

There’s also some good news for those who still hold the BEP-2 $MITX altcoin on the Binance chain. There’s now a claiming portal just for you. It allows you to claim your $MIND tokens on Ethereum. See the guide, and I will post a link to it in the description. It has an easy-to-use UI (user interface).

In late February, the team introduced the Smart Contract Studio and Workflow Studio. These are two groundbreaking MVP (Minimum Viable Product) products. They are part of the SEED platform, where all the magic happens. In short, they revolutionize the way you can develop smart contracts. Furthermore, the Workflow Studio automates workflows.

As already mentioned, two of their new partners will be able to use these Studios. They are Sotatek and Ekotek

Recent Singapore Event

So, now I told you about all the upcoming events. This is also a good moment to look back at their recent and exclusive event in Singapore. On 15th March, Morpheus Labs organized the “Unlocking Digital Potential With AI, Web3 And Collaborative Innovation” event.

This turned out to be a successful and fruitful event. Everyone shared thoughts and presentations, and there were good discussions. It was also a great networking opportunity. 

Some of the partners that were in attendance include:

  • Tencent cloud: Active in the metaverse and gaming space.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): Cloud computing services.
  • OffChain: A global network of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. It has chapters in over 70 worldwide cities.

Furthermore, PingCAP, Coinweb, and Cloft were also in attendance. Other vent partners include, among others:

  • Huawei Cloud: A global cloud giant. The two teams are about to unveil a revolutionary product. 
  • Ant Group — A global leader in financial technology.
  • TiDB — An open-source distributed SQL database, created by PingCAP.
  • Alibaba Cloud — Another major cloud provider. Providing infrastructure to blockchain networks and Dapps.

So, that’s quite an impressive update for Morpheus Labs. Let me know which part you like best.



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