Clearpool - A Decentralized Capital Markets Ecosystem

Clearpool is partnering with X-Margin to enable businesses to borrow funds. They will borrow from Clearpool’s transparent lending pool. Clearpool will integrate privacy-preserving X-Margin’s technology. That technology enables credit to the trading companies.

This partnership will improve access to capital for creditworthy institutions that trade digital assets. Clearpool will measure and publish institutional borrower creditworthiness. This is possible by using privacy-preserving technology. The technology comes from X-Margin. X-Margin’s tech will allow borrower pools to show an accurate risk score. At the same time, it will not be disclosing sensitive information.

Expanding Credit Offerings Within The DeFi Space
This partnership will provide:
  • access to uncollateralized credit to Crypto traders
  • access to secondary markets via tokenized credit (CPOOL)
  • credit derivatives

Robert Alcorn is Clearpool’s Chief Executive Officer. He’s said one goal for the company is to extend its credit offerings in the DeFi area. Again, this partnership will help to grow the data-driven credit markets. Also, it will create an exciting new instrument for the market.
Lenders will be able to control credit risk thanks to the tokenization of credit. Furthermore, X-Margin’s data will establish the ground for a large secondary market.

Elimination of Liquidation Risks
X-Margin Credit platform offers:
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Counterparty due diligence
  • Real-time risk monitoring across several borrower portfolios

Darshan Vaidya is X-Margin’s Chief Executive Officer. He expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. He made a point of saying that the platform will give lenders better insight and control. It will create a more efficient and liquid market.

Clearpool protocol eliminates the risk of liquidation. The lenders on the platform will be able to invest with confidence.

The transaction has the potential to increase capital efficiency. Clearpool lenders can also earn more rewards by using their CPOOL tokens.

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a Decentralized Capital Markets Ecosystem. It allows institutional borrowers to:

  • build single borrower liquidity pools
  • compete for uncollateralized liquidity from the DeFi ecosystem

Clearpool liquidity providers can earn high returns. Liquidity pools rewards are in CPOOL. It is Clearpool’s utility and governance token.

The $CPOOL token trades for $1.11 and is available on Kucoin,, and Uniswap, according to Coingecko.

About X-Margin

X-Margin Credit allows data-driven lending for institutional capital. X-Margin has a privacy-preserving risk engine. It allows:

  • institutions to get trading leverage
  • lenders to have real-time risk monitoring
  • borrowers not having to provide sensitive information.

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