$XAI Mainnet's Growth and Pyth Price Feed Boost Web3 Gaming

This surge in activity highlights the burgeoning interest and trust in the $XAI ecosystem. It aims to become a cornerstone of the blockchain gaming sector.

$XAI, XAI GAMES’ native token on Arbitrum Layer-3, offers traditional gamers a smooth entry into web3 with high speed and low costs. Let’s see more about “XAI.

XAI GAMES: Bridging Gamers to Web3 with Ease

The Pyth Network, distributing high-quality financial data on over 50 blockchains, welcomes the XAI/USD price feed integration.

The Pyth XAI/USD price feed underscores $XAI’s rising potential and its transformative role in blockchain gaming.

The collaboration between XAI GAMES and the Pyth Network is not just a technical achievement. It’s a strategic move that underlines the importance of reliable data in the DeFi and gaming spaces. The Pyth Network’s real-time price data enables informed decisions, enhancing stability and trust in the $XAI ecosystem.

More About XAI

The $XAI mainnet milestone and Pyth’s price feed launch highlight vibrant growth and innovation potential in web3 gaming. XAI GAMES use of Arbitrum Layer-3 shows its dedication to overcoming high fees and complex entry barriers for gamers into the blockchain.

In conclusion, the remarkable achievements of the $XAI mainnet and the strategic partnership with the Pyth Network pave the way for a new era in web3 gaming.


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