Imagine having a crypto version of the Oscars Awards, rewarding users with an impressive sense of humor. Well, that’s what Garbage and Rekt are set to achieve. Both projects are partnering up to launch the Oscars Meme Awards.

Rekt and Garbage have a thing for hilarious, anti-establishment memes. So, their partnerships kick off a bi-monthly competition featuring the most hilarious, offensive, and fun memes in Web 3.

The awards have categories for the funniest, most viral, and maybe even offending memes. In addition, winners of each category stand a chance to win a prize of $5,000 USDT, giving an extra twist to the competition.

The winners of the first-ever Oscars Meme Awards for each category will be revealed at a set time during a joint AMA between the two projects, Garbage and Rekt. As expected, the event will feature several humorous guests and skits.

What is the schedule for the awards?

The awards will be open for submissions on Friday, January 12. The submissions will close on January 26, and voting will commence. Furthermore, the voting week ends on Friday, February 2. And the ceremony will take place afterward.

How can I participate?

To enter “The Oscars” during the submission period, simply use the $Garbage meme machine to come up with a meme, then click “Send to the Oscars.” This will verify your wallet and make you eligible.

But that’s not all the process entails. You’ll need to hold $10 worth of $Garbage and $Rekt tokens. So, once you get verified, you can choose the category you want to enter and provide a few details, like your social media accounts, which will be used to notify the finalists.

You are free to submit as many times as you want in any category. However, the committee will suspend a wallet with multiple low-quality submissions to prevent flooding. So, it’s best to only submit your best work.

Here’s another interesting detail: Each category will have four finalists selected from among all submissions, and they will be featured on the main voting page of the website.

The competition involves serious participation from the finalists. Each contender must mobilize on social media to get as many votes as they can. This will increase their chances of winning. It’s important to note that the public will take care of the voting. The voting will be public. However, only people with the required amount of $Garbage and $Rekt tokens can vote. This will help prevent bot voting and cheating.

Garbage and Rekt will announce the grand winner (the user who receives the most votes across all categories) at the Inaugural Oscars meme awards, King of Memes. They will be presented with a golden Oscar statue as well as an NFT to mark their victory.

Follow the Garbage and Rekt pages for more details on this event.



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