Crypto projects are successfully merging artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology. And the results have been incredible. KyberSwap has launched a unique product to simplify DeFi trading for its users.

 The crypto market is no doubt fast-paced and competitive. There are also a lot of hurdles that traders experience. This includes staying updated through various news sources. And completing in-depth research and evaluating market movements. Crypto trading is often a stressful situation that necessitates swift and thoughtful decisions. As a result, KyberSwap has launched KyberAI. KyberAI is a ground-breaking set of data tools that gives you unrivaled trade insight. 
KyberAI exists to assist traders in navigating the challenges of crypto trading. And bring you to the best available option. It offers sophisticated trading insights. And potent tools to make data-driven decisions and uncover hidden trends. It will open up new horizons in your DeFi experience. 

Think of KyberAI as your own personalized researcher. It also works as your data assistant. It enables you to dive into blockchain data on any token on the chains it supports. KyberAI helps traders with trading complications and uncertainties. It provides insightful knowledge and takes advantage of opportunities.
What is the Purpose of KyberAI?
KyberAI was designed to gather relevant market data. It combines AI and data to boost your trading experience. Interestingly, KyberAI makes it easy to access market data. This data is generally only available to institutional traders or high-net-worth customers. 

KyberAI combines on-chain and off-chain data from many data sources. And makes it available to everyone. Both newbies and oldtimers can relate to KyberAI because of its simplicity. Cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and data analysis technologies power KyberAI.

What are the features of KyberAI?

KyberAI comes equipped with top-notch features that make it easy to access data. Here are some of them.


KyberAI can simplify a vast amount of on- and off-chain token data into a single score. This score will show how bullish or bearish a token is expected to be over a 24-hour period. 

The KyberScore algorithm has historical data for 2,334 tokens. It finds opportunities that might be difficult to identify using traditional trading techniques. KyberScore will only get better with time, so traders stand to gain a lot by using it to make wiser trading choices.

KyberAI on-chain and technical indicators
KyberAI handles all the labor-intensive sorting and processing of all the data points. It presents them with understandable visuals. These visuals provide traders with a thorough understanding of the markets.
Additionally, traders can enjoy other interactive tools for their trading. This includes technical analysis live charts. These charts reveal a full complement of technical tools for extra analysis.
Who can Use KyberAI?
  1. KyberAI is open to everyone who wants to navigate the DeFi space. The tools are only for experienced traders. KyberAI gives all traders the ability to access cutting-edge trading intelligence. This enables them to make data-driven decisions and seize untapped opportunities. Also, KyberAI offers all levels of users the resources they need to succeed. This includes both veterans and newbies.

How Can I Use KyberAI in My Trade Experience?
KyberAI streamlines a vast amount of data into a single, straightforward interface. Here are some strategies for maximizing KyberAI’s easy-to-use interface:
Find tokens with high potential trading volume
Give yourself a heads-up using KyberAI. You can see tokens that could see a spike in trading activity soon by filtering tokens between
  • “bullish”,
  • “bearish,”
  • “trending soon,” and other categories. This way, you’ll uncover tokens that have the potential for a boom or decline in trading volume.
Check KyberScore for signals.
The first step is to find a token with promising trading potential. Then, check KyberScore to see whether it is giving a bullish, bearish, or neutral signal. Every four hours, KyberScore makes predictions about a token’s direction of movement. It does this based on technical analysis and on-chain information. This service can help with daily short-term trade planning.
Create a short-term trade plan
As said earlier, your first task is to find a token with a lot of potential. And a bullish KyberScore signal. The next step is to create a short-term trade strategy with take-profit and stop-loss levels.
This strategy takes into account the volatility of the token. Here’s also where KyberSwap’s limit order comes in handy. You can use it to configure your trade. And regulate your degree of acceptable risk. 
Integrate indicators to help you make better trading decisions.
You can confirm the bullish or bearish signals from Kyberscore. You can do this using the positive or negative netflow on centralized exchanges. And the levels of support and resistance.
Here’s how to confirm the bullish signal from KyberScore. Check if the resistance level is broken. And the netflow from centralized exchanges shows activity like token acquisition.

KyberSwap Seeks to Provide a Comprehensive Experience
KyberSwap has other features that complement the advanced insights offered by KyberAI. The features help traders put in place trading strategies. KyberSwap wants to make it easier to navigate DeFi. These tools aid in your decision-making process. And saves time.
One of the tools is the KyberSwap Aggregator. Trading DeFi calls for getting the best rates. And KyberSwap Aggregator makes sure of that. The KyberSwap Aggregator automatically routes trades across a variety of liquidity sources. It optimizes them for price, depth, and slippage. Traders can conduct transactions with confidence, maximizing their profits and lowering their expenses.

The second is the KyberSwap Limit Order. With KyberSwap Limit Orders, you can trade at your own pace. It ensures that market conditions match your approach. Then, you have to set your desired entry and exit prices. And it will automatically execute your transactions. This tool brings greater flexibility to your trading. You can execute exact trades even when you aren’t actively watching the market.
In conclusion, KyberAI simplifies trading for any level of user. It has a simple interface. And supplies you with current data about tokens.

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