Meet vEmpire DDAO, Your Gateway to the Metaverse

vEmpire DDAO is the only metaverse token staking platform. Meet the world’s largest decentralized metaverse investment organization. vEmpire has been around for a while. They were breathing and living the metaverse before the hype started.

vEmpire DDAO offers a truly original and unique concept. Investors earn interest on their metaverse crypto holdings. This is the world’s first application that offers this. vEmpire provides different staking strategies for metaverse tokens.

Staking the Metaverse With vEmpire DDAO

vEmpire allows staking of metaverse tokens. In return, stakers receive yield, just like DeFi protocols. Yield comes in the way of the VEMP token and the original token used for staking. The best feature is to stake VEMP and receive liquid exposure to illiquid assets. Also, their staking platform currently offers five metaverse tokens. Furthermore, the VEMP token is already in use for staking, gaming, and NFTs.

Staking profits range between 10-20% of all staking pools. As a result, there is no need to pick one metaverse to buy land in. Staking VEMP yields great profits. vEmpire does this with over 10 different metaverses. Furthermore, they also have hundreds of NFT protocols.

vEmpire was able to buy virtual real estate in prime locations. Moreover, they did this before the prices skyrocketed, picking up land at 90% below current prices. That is one of their advantages as a first mover. They hold virtual land plots in The Sandbox and Decentraland, among others. There is no competition on the horizon. Once there is, competitors will need to buy land at much higher prices. Yield Guild Games (YGG) or Every Realm are their closest competitors. However, they compete in a different field.

vEmpire DDAO staking

What Else Does vEmpire DDAO Offer?

vEmpire makes it possible for anyone to invest in the metaverse. Moreover, they unlock pools of capital that otherwise are out of reach. Furthermore, vEmpire DDAO allows for the following.

  • Giving investors access to investment opportunities. These are not available to everyone.
  • Helping spur growth and adoption in the metaverse.
  • Keep the metaverse decentralized and in the control of the community.

Besides staking, they also offer other exciting opportunities.

  • P2E games — Currently one game: The Beginning, a trading card game. More games are to follow, like a Hack ‘n Slash game based on The Sandbox.
  • Guilds — Over 400 scholars playing P2E games. As a result, vEmpire DDAO earns passive income. In turn, they reinvest and distribute this to their staking community.
  • Incubation of new metaverse projects.
  • Operate in the GameFi and NFT sectors.

Furthermore, vEmpire has prominent and strong partners. Such NEO, Polygon, Chainlink, and others. Their VEMP token also lists at major exchanges like, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap. With an extensive and experienced team, they are well on the way to make an impact.

vEmpire DDAO The Beginning P2E


vEmpire DDAO is the largest decentralized investment organization in the metaverse. They are also unique in what they are doing and what they offer. They offer staking of metaverse tokens that earn double income, where yield can reach up to 10-20%. Bringing investment opportunities in the metaverse to everyone. These opportunities are otherwise out of reach.

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