The ULTIMATE Guide to Crypto Staking

Currently, we’re experiencing an airdrop season as never seen before. It’s raining airdrops left, center, and right. Did you qualify for TIA, MANTA, or JTO?

If not, don’t worry, more opportunities are coming your way. Staking is most often at the core of qualifying for airdrops. That’s why we are looking at staking in 5 ecosystems that have upcoming airdrops.

1) The Cosmos Hub

The Cosmos Hub ecosystem is well known for its airdrops. The ATOM token is the main token to stake. Recommended is to stake at least 10 ATOMs. You should easily make this back in airdrops. Other tokens to stake are, for instance,

  • Celestia (TIA) stake at least 10 TIA. Check our dedicated airdrop video.
  • Injective (minimal 10 INJ). Check our dedicated airdrop video.
  • Osmosis (minimal 100 OSMO) 
  • Kujira (minimal 25 KUJI) 
  • Sei (minimal 100 SEI) 
  • Axelar (minimal 50 AXL) 
  • Stargaze (minimal 1000 STARS) 

To qualify, you need a Cosmos compatible wallet like Keplr, Leap, or Cosmostation. Buy the number of tokens you want to stake and send them to your wallet. Choose a validator outside the top 20 and don’t use a CEX for staking. Pick a validator that doesn’t charge more than 5% commission. The picture below shows a Keplr staking dashboard.


Source: Keplr dashboard

2) Solana

The Solana ecosystem also has some interesting airdrops in the pipeline. We already saw a massive Jito airdrop and JUP also dropped recently. However, there’s more in the pipeline. For starters, you will need a Solana-compatible wallet. The most popular wallets are Phantom, Solflare, or Magic Eden. Phantom and Magic Eden are multichain and also offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon.

  • The Pyth Network has a potential airdrop coming up. Buy at least 1,000 PYTH (approx $400 at current rates) on an exchange. Send them to your wallet and stake them on the Pyth Network platform.
  • Another option is to stake SOL on Marginfi. This is a lending and liquid staking platform on Solana. You earn points when staking SOL. These points will determine how big your Marginfi airdrop will be.
  • See our dedicated Solana airdrop video below.

3) Manta Network

The next option is the Manta Network ecosystem. There are almost 200 projects already in their ecosystem. The strategy is straightforward. Start staking MANTA. Get at least 790 MANTA on an exchange. Send this to your Manta wallet. You can bind your EVM-compatible wallet on the Manta staking site. This identifies you as a contributor to the network. As a result, you qualify for potential future partner airdrops.

Now, choose a validator or collator as they call it. Pick one outside the top 10 and who doesn’t charge more than 5-7% commission. Be aware of the following issues. Each collator can accommodate 150 stakers. However, only the top 100 stakers receive rewards. It’s also possible that a collator removes you from his pool if your staked amount is too low. Below is a picture of the Manta staking UI.


Source: Manta staking platform

4) Aptos

The Aptos ecosystem may also have some airdrops coming up. First, you will need an Aptos-compatible wallet. There are many available, but for this task, the Pontem wallet works best. Buy a minimum of 25 APT on an exchange and send it to your Pontem wallet. Other good wallets are Petra, Rise, or Martian. The Martian wallet is also Sui-compatible.

Now you can visit the Pontem website or the Amnis Finance website and stake your APT. Pontem also offers Liquidity Pools and farming. Amnis offers a 10.57% APR on staking APT. They also offer liquid staking. Enjoy your rewards. You may also qualify for potential future airdrops in the Aptos ecosystem.

5) Sui

Sui has been on fire recently. The SUI token is up by over 60% over the last 30 days. Once again, you will first need a Sui-compatible wallet. There are plenty of options out there, but the Sui Wallet is a good pick. This is also the wallet made by the Sui team.

Now, it’s time to visit an exchange and buy at least $100 SUI tokens. 100 SUI tokens or more will also work fine. You can stake SUI straight in the Sui Wallet. However, you can also visit the Haedal or Volo platforms. They both also offer liquid staking. Stake your SUI and kick back. Collect your rewards and wait for potential future airdrops. When liquid staking, you can get more rewards by deploying your LSTs in Sui’s DeFi ecosystem.


Airdrops are currently the talk of the town. Most airdrops are a result of staking your native tokens. We show you how you can stake native tokens in five different ecosystems. This should qualify you for potential future airdrops.

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