CZ, the CEO of Binance, has responded to the previous news regarding the BinanceDEX blocking 30 countries from accessing the decentralized exchange.

Recently, news about Binance blocking 30 countries from accessing its DEX service circulated, however, as it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Countries were blocked from the DEX, and I know that because I have tested it myself with a new IP address, however, the DEX didn’t block you, did, according to CZ.

CZ explains in a tweet that the issue is in fact with the website(

“Today, there are at least a dozen mature wallets supporting Binance DEX already. The geo-block is not for Binance DEX, which is maintained by a number of nodes operated by independent parties. The geo-block is only for one website (, operated by one of our affiliates. Whether a centralized party decides to geo-block a region depends on their compliance policies I guess.”

I have tried to access the DEX again today, with a new IP address, and the message regarding the block was gone.

If you can’t access the DEX from your county, I’d recommend a wallet that supports Binance DEX.

Here are some wallets you could use: Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet.

CZ also said something about the roadmap:

“Back to the roadmap, eventually, everything will be open-sourced and fully decentralized, meaning anyone can clone a website exactly the same as, or fork the code of Binance DEX and run a version (hopefully improved) themselves. We look forward to that future.”


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