The Notre-Dame is one of the most iconic landmarks of France, the fire caused severe damages to the Gothic monument’s spire and roof.


France Mourns after the incidence

France mourns in the wake of the incident. The cathedral of Notre-Dame is a twelfth-century monument and one of France’s most famous landmarks.

According to reports, the fire has been put out but firefighters are still at the scene. Several recovery teams are also at the scene trying to salvage what artwork they can from the building. Structurally, the building’s spire and roof collapsed but firefighters were able to save one of the bell towers.

The scene has been visited by thousands of Parisians who watched in silence as firefighters worked at the scene. Many of the onlookers went for the loss of the iconic building. The cause of the fire is still unknown, the Paris prosecutors office is, however, considering it as a case of “accidental destruction by fire.”

Some experts are of the opinion that the fire might have been caused by the recent renovations on the building.


President of France, Macron, vows to rebuild the Notre-Dame.

The president of France, President Macron, has commended all those involved in putting out the inferno. He thanked them for their courage, adding that, “we’ll rebuild Notre-Dame together.” He assured the people of France that the Notre-Dame will be rebuilt and reconstructed. Two French business tycoons announced a combined donation of about 300 million to rebuild the building.


Crypto community in France appeal for donations.

In response to the incidence, French Bitcoin advocate and journalist, Gregory Raymond, launched an appeal for support from the entire Bitcoin and crypto community.

The French Bitcoin enthusiast in his tweets stated that the action will definitely prove to lawmakers all over the world that Bitcoin can be used for good.

Another group of crypto enthusiast, the “Coin circle”, tweeted that they will support Gregory Raymond and suggested that the wallet be given a multi-signature address, so as to assure donors that their funds will be used for the project.

The original Bitcoin address has received about 0.02760433 BTC from only 11 donations and most have been transferred to the multi-signature wallet which is yet to receive a donation.


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