Alchemy seems to be a trustworthy company. Recently, it has managed to secure $15 million from leading scientific, financial and technological companies. Samsung and Coinbase are among them.

Alchemy startup closed its first round of financing, during which it secure as much as $15 million. And the company is already planning to put the funds into use. Consequently, it will create a universal operating system for various blockchain projects.

Alchemy will also use this money to expand its international presence. After all, the company seeks to make blockchain entrepreneurs’ lives easier. Specifically by providing them with a set of specialized tools. All in all, this software has the potential to significantly accelerate product development while reducing costs.

“The invention of the operating system brought computers to billions of people around the world,” says co-founder of Alchemy Nikil Viswanathan.

Joe Lau, the other co-founder, adds, “we realized blockchain technology would develop in the same way, so we’re working to enable mainstream adoption by providing the industry with the high-quality infrastructure and developer tools that it needs.”

Besides, in its press release, the company has disclosed its list of investors. It includes Stanford University, Yahoo Finance, Samsung, Charles Schwab, and other well-known brands.

Big names like Alchemy

Stanford University graduates Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau founded Alchemy in 2017. Essentially, they developed a platform that acts as a kind of bridge that connects the companies’ infrastructure to blockchain.

“It replaces the nodes that businesses use to read and write blockchains with a faster, more scalable decentralized architecture. It also provides tools for analytics, monitoring, alerting, logging and debugging for cryptocurrency-connected software,” TechCrunch explains. 

The company develops software that helps businesses implement blockchain’s technical features. And its platform allows companies to obtain relevant and accurate data from the Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains. Besides, in the future, the startup promises to add support for Polkadot, Dfinity, Cosmos, Tezos, and Libra.

Every week it serves more than a million customers from over 200 countries. Different companies are making use of the platform. Currently, Alchemy provides its software to the Opera browser, AUGUR decentralized platform, Binance Wallet and others.


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