Top 5 LBP Coins With 10-100X Potential in Q1-2024

DePin, RWA, or AI are new and promising narratives for 2024. Now we can add LBPs as well to this list. These are Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBP). Projects in this narrative have been doing 500% gains regularly. That doesn’t go unnoticed in the crypto space.

Hence, we take a closer look at the top 5 LBP coins that can do a potential 10-100X.

What Is a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)?

A Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) is like an IDO that you can’t manipulate. As a result, you have fair and transparent token launches. Here’s a more technical perspective. The pricing mechanism during the launch goes from high to low. It works like a Dutch auction, in case you’re familiar with these.

So, the auction starts with a high price that constantly lowers. This way, you can lower the impact sniper bots or whales have on the sale. It’s a much fairer system for smaller investors. Let’s check these LBP coins you must watch.

1) Flashtools

Flashtools is a Telegram toolkit. It’s still to lunch, so you’re very early indeed. It’s for trading NFTs and Inscriptions. Flashtools is also multichain and fast. It should give you an advantage over other traders. Trading is much more accessible with Flashtools. The platform promises a 30% revenue for holders. Rewards will be in their $FLASH token.

Their main tool will be the Flash Sweeper. However, more tools are in the pipeline. For example,

  • Flash Bidder — Make various offers on collections.
  • Flash Sniper — Sniping tool.
  • Flash Multi-Minter — Optimizes minting.
  • Flash Tracker — Calculates the value of your NFT collection.

However, their LBP has already ended. This was on Fjord, one of the leading platforms in the LBP space. Below is a video that introduces Flashtools.

2) Befy Protocol

Befy Protocol is a bridge for BRC-20 tokens. They call themselves the ‘World’s first decentralized cross-chain bridge for bitcoin and EVM’. Besides Ethereum’s mainnet, this also includes Arbitrum. Avalanche and Solana are soon to follow. 

The bridge works with ZK-proofs. The zero-knowledge technology. On their roadmap, you can find a launchpad, an AMM, and staking for their BEFY token. 

Their LBP started on the 29th of January on Fjord and has been completed by now. The current BEFY price is $0.05802. However, be cautious, the contract creator can change the token contract. Since its listing on CoinGecko, on the 2nd of February, the price is down by almost 20%. Their website URL was also flagged as having malicious code.

3) Parifi

Parifi is a decentralized perpetual protocol. Currently, it’s still in its Alpha Testnet phase. So, once again, you’re early. Parifi tries to make an equal playing field between its traders and LPs. Perpetual platforms allow for trading with leverage. Make sure only to use leverage if you fully understand how it works. The profits can be huge, but the losses can be of a similar size.

Their LBP was also on Fjord and did well. However, the team raised only $154k during their LBP. The LBP released 99% of their PRF token. There’s currently no listing on CoinGecko for the PRF token yet.

4) Cadence Protocol

With the Cadence Protocol, we continue in the perps space. However, Cadence is an aggregator. For this, it moves into the:

  • RWA (Real-World Assets). 
  • LSD (Liquid Staking Derivatives). 
  • CSR (Contract-Secured Revenue) spaces.

Here it wants to provide the most capital-efficient use of liquidity. It’s built on the Canto blockchain, but its mainnet is not live yet. Once again, we’re early. 

During their already completed LBP, they raised no less than $4.19 million on Fjord. That’s a great start for their CAD token. The current CAD price is $0.1985. During the last 7 days, the CAD price is up by 64.9%. Something seems to be happening at the Cadence Protocol. 

5) Inscribe

Inscribe is all geared up for inscriptions on any chain. It’s the first cross-chain marketplace for BRC-20 tokens and all other chains. So, this covers Bitcoin, EVM, and also non-EVM. Once again, we’re early, since Inscribe is still on its testnet. However, their mainnet is imminent.

However, it is testing an Automated WebApp and Bot. It also offers a Multichain Indexer API. The platform also integrated the new ERC-404 token into its platform. Pandora, the leader in this field, was their first listing of ERC-404 tokens.

Their LBP on Fjord did very well, and the team raised $5.9 million. The current price of their INS token is $0.41. During the last 7 days, its price is up by no less than 95%.


LBPs or Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools are a new narrative in the crypto space. It’s a form of IDOs that reduces the impact of bots and whales. Some LBP projects have the potential to do a 10-100x. We looked at 5 of such projects that used an LBP.



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