Bitcoin to receive $75 million

The anonymous community Unknown Fund will invest $ 75 million in start-ups that will develop personal data protection solutions.

Bitcoin, more particularly people who want to protect the concept of anonymity, will receive a stupendous sum.

In its press release, the Unknown Fund said it would donate funds to start-ups that support anonymity. Particularly, it will give financial support to developments for stronger confidentiality protection, confidentiality of user data, anonymous cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

“We are you, we are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. Our ranks consist of representatives of many countries and nationalities. It is united by a virtual comradely spirit and the belief that we are fighting for the good of many, and not for the benefit of some. Anonymous is the voice of those who believe in truth, freedom and the right to self-expression,” the Fund says.

The Fund has a specific rationale. Thus, it aims to combat manipulation by politicians and the mass media. The Fund also intends to fight organizations that collect personal data of citizens.

At the same time, its members believe that blockchain, Bitcoin and other assets will help achieve this goal. Specifically, by protecting the rights and freedoms of people. Moreover, in the future, the trio, according to them, could facilitate the creation of a new world environment with a trusted monetary system.

Feeling lucky?

Quite expectedly, little is known about this organization. It is a group of anonymous investors.

But in November 2019 the community launched its official Twitter handle. Currently, it is conducting a survey if users want to see the organization’s analysis on its website.

The community is not accepting new members at the moment.

To apply for financial support, you need to send a request. To that end, the checking procedure of each applicant will take up to 3 months.

It seems like startups are very keen on this initiative. And judging from Twitter comments, first applicants have shown up.

Concurrently, users have initiated a hot discussion on one of the forums. Particularly, the discussants are scrutinizing the concept of anonymity as such. They are also willing to find out exactly how the Unknown Fund functions. To that end, it might be rather tricky as the very same concept of anonymity doesn’t envision an elaboration on its means of operation.

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