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The Metaverse is not just about gaming and entertainment. Virtual and augmented reality technology applies to many sectors, including education.

The Metaverse has become the buzzword of 2022 with companies large and small establishing a presence in the virtual world. So far, it is mostly the realm of gamers with platforms such as The Sandbox and Decentraland dominating markets.

However, the technology applies to education too, especially in the wake of prolonged lockdowns which are still ongoing in many countries. Furthermore, the Metaverse allows teachers and students to meet online in a virtual space that is akin to a classroom or learning area.

Online digital realms breakdown geographical and political barriers and they can offer a fully immersive 3D experience.

Benefits of Metaverse Learning

There are a number of benefits to Metaverse e-learning over traditional methods. Online learning has become a reality for many students over the past couple of years. However, traditional methods using mobile phones or tablets and video conferencing software are somewhat limited.

  • Geographical barriers

There are no physical geographical constraints in the Metaverse. Therefore, students from all over the world can join classes resulting in a more culturally enriched experience.

  • Realistic environments

Metaverse environments can now look very realistic. As a result, history classes for example could immerse the students in a scene from the Roman Empire. Science experiments could be made more practical and hands-on, and arts and crafts would take on a completely new world.

  • Physical interaction

Augmented reality technology can enhance physical interactions between teachers and students. This could work for demonstrating things such as sign language, medical procedures, or physical exercise.

  • Enhanced Safety

Educators would have complete control over their Metaverse environment. This would have the advantage of eliminating bullying for example or enhancing discipline by limiting certain functions.

On the downside, the hardware needs to gain a fully immersive Metaverse experience is still expensive.

More Firms Offer Virtual Learning 

According to Global Millennial, online worlds such as Second Life and Minecraft were being used by universities as a virtual learning medium during the pandemic.

Gaming giant Roblox has also launched a platform for educators to create virtual classrooms. Roblox classrooms consist of private servers for teachers and students to log into. Additionally, the platform offers educational content, experiences, and projects in the Metaverse.

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