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This is Part 1 of an article series about Wilder World. Here’s a link to Part 2

Since our previous coverage, Wilder World has been making leaps and strides in its development. Now, we look at whether Wilder World retains its potential as a good investment.

Also, we compare Wilder World against a leading Metaverse project, Decentraland. Let’s discover some Wilder World FAQs.

What is Wilder World? 

Simply put, Wilder World is a metaverse project. It aims to build a fully-immersive 5D metaverse with virtual and augmented reality. Its metaverse, called Wiami, is built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and the Zero base layer. Moreover, Wilder World hopes to scale its metaverse for mass user adoption. For now, you can check out their trailer below.

As with many crypto projects, Wilder World has its own token – $WILD. Today, the $WILD token is used for:

  1. DAO and Governance.
  2. Incentivizing artists and collectors.
  3. Providing exclusive citizenship rights for its holders.
  4. Purchasing NFTs off their marketplace.

At this point, you could be wondering: “Should I buy this $WILD token?”. Now, although we do not provide financial advice, we’re able to provide some fundamental information on $WILD. Let’s dive into this in the next section!

Is Wilder World a Good Investment? 

To evaluate a metaverse token like $WILD, we start off with basic tokenomics.

a) $WILD Tokenomics

As of the time of writing this article, $WILD has a market cap of $21 million. This is with its current circulating supply of 94.8 million tokens. Its fully diluted valuation (FDV) is at $111 million, with its max supply of 500 million tokens.

Wild Tokenomics
Source: Medium

Also, let’s look at $WILD’s token allocation. During their initial token release, the team sold 12.5% of its max token supply to private and public investors. Thereafter, the team and advisors allocated 27.5% of its max token supply to themselves. The rest of the $WILD tokens are kept for project development. For more details, you can refer to the above allocation shown.

So, what do we make of this data?

  1. The circulating supply over max supply is low at 19%. This could be a concern. It means there could be sell pressure since many tokens are not yet released.
  2. The team included vesting schedules during their token allocation. This means those who got in early into $WILD cannot dump their tokens in one go. This will reduce sudden sell pressure.
  3. The team has allocated a large percentage of tokens for project development. This is a good sign that the team is in it for the long run.

To summarize, $WILD’s tokenomics are acceptable. We do have to watch for vesting schedules being released gradually though.

b) Team and Backers

Now, let’s look at the people behind Wilder World.

  1. Wilder World Team: The Wilder World team, led by Frank Wilder and Phoenix Wilder, is huge. They comprise over 100 semi-anonymous members. The team’s background is a mix of artists and engineers. Frank Wilder is a renowned sculptor and jewelry designer.
  2. Wilder World’s Backers: Investors include Animoca Brands, Spartan Capital, and Digital Currency Group. In total, Wilder World raised $36 million from private and public investors. The Zero base layer team is also adept with metaverse development.

With their team and backer’s experience, Wilder World has a good chance of success. Indeed, this is reflected in their pace of development. Let’s review this in the next section.

c) Wilder World’s Recent Developments

In the crypto space today, many projects are all fluff. This means they promise a lot, but they do not deliver. As a crypto investor, you need to avoid such projects like the plague. On the other hand, you should be drawn to projects that deliver on their roadmap. Now, which category does Wilder World belong to?

Wilder World Roadmap
Source: Wilder World

For 2022, Wilder World released its roadmap as per above. From the updates below, you can tell the team has not lost sight of its 2022 roadmap.

  1. Wilder Pets. Although the pets aren’t on the marketplace yet, mint listing and quests for the NFT-based pets are already done.
  2. AIR Wild Season 2. NFT-based sneaker collection. This was launched in April 2022.
  3. Wilder Moto. NFT-based motorcycle collection. This was launched in July 2022.
  4. WWMM Version 2. Upgrades are in the pipeline for the Wilder World Metaverse Marketplace (WWMM). This is in progress with regular rollouts. Now, the Wilder World team understands the importance of improving their marketplace. A good user experience attracts more NFT sales. In turn, more buyers will then use said NFTs in the Wild metaverse.
  5. South Beach Map: Little Meow. Wiami development and land sales. For this, you can refer to the below tweet for details.

To summarize, we think the $WILD token is a good investment. Wilder World spares no effort in marketing. They also have no lack of expertise. With this, we believe the team has a high chance of delivering Wiami to the masses.

But, how does Wilder World compare to a metaverse giant, like Decentraland?

Wilder World vs Decentraland

There’re quite several points to compare. But, let’s look at their metaverses first.

Decentraland Metaverse
Source: Forbes

Ok, I may not be fair by comparing screenshots. But I do think Wilder World’s Wiami looks better than Decentraland’s Metaverse! What say you?

Wilder World Metaverse
Source: Twitter

Another difference between the 2 is that Decentraland is playable as of now. However, Wiami is still in development. So, we can’t make a fair comparison yet.

Wilder World and Decentraland Wallet Compatibility

For both projects, wallets compatible with Ethereum like Metamask can be used. This is because both metaverses reside within Ethereum. However, you can also access Wilder World on the Zero base layer in the future.

$WILD Versus $MANA Token Comparison

Decentraland’s main token is $MANA. Both $WILD and $MANA’s utilities are pretty similar. They both are used for in-game purchases and governance.

However, $MANA has a $1.28 billion market cap. This dwarfs $WILD’s market cap of $94 million. Now, as an investor, note that tokens with smaller market caps tend to offer higher returns (if they succeed). But, they are also riskier.

Team Comparison

Looking at Decentraland’s team versus Wilder World’s, I must say that Decentraland has a lot of technical experience. This is especially true with regard to blockchain and business development. However, the Wilder World team has more artistic experience.

How to Play Wilder World?

Unfortunately, Wilder World’s metaverse, Wiami, is still in development! With that, you can’t hop into Wiami’s beautiful cityscape yet. However, you could consider perusing Wilder World’s NFT collections on the WWMM. These NFTs will show up in Wiami in the future!

How to Stake $WILD Tokens?

Now if you would like to be part of Wilder World’s growth, you could consider staking your $WILD tokens. We run through how you can do so below:

  1. First, you need to have $WILD tokens in your Metamask wallet. Note that you have to be on the Ethereum Mainnet.
  2. Then, hop on over to the Wilder Staking page. Connect your metamask wallet as per below.

    Wild Wallet Connect
    Source: Wilder World
  3. Once your wallet is connected, on the “Pools” tab, click on the “Stake” button below.

    Wilder World Staking
    Source: Wilder World
  4. Now, you’ll be guided to a confirmation page. Choose the amount of $WILD you’d like to stake.

    Wilder World Staking 2
    Source: Wilder World
  5. Upon confirmation, your metamask should prompt you twice. First, provide permission for the dApp to access your $WILD tokens. Second, for the approval of the staking transaction. Note that you need to have some $ETH to pay for the gas fees for these transactions.
  6. Voila! You’ve staked your $WILD successfully once the below confirmation appears. You can navigate back to the main page and check your staked balance in the “My Deposits” tab too.

    Wilder World Staking Confirmation
    Source: Wilder World

For more details on unstacking and providing liquidity as well, you can refer to Wilder World’s guide.


To conclude, we hope that we’ve kept you up to date on one of our top metaverse project picks. Only time can tell whether Wilder World will be successful in the future. But, with Wilder World’s execution, we believe Wiami will become a reality sooner rather than later.

Here is the second part.

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