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This is Part 2 of an article series about Wilder World. Here’s a link to Part 1

This is a continuation article from our previous review of Wilder World. Today, we’re looking at where and how to buy Wilder World’s token, $WILD. To show this, we’ll be using Kucoin and Uniswap as an example. 

Where Can I Buy $WILD Tokens?

First, I hope you’ve read through Part 1 of our Wilder World review! It is always important to know more about the project and its token’s utility before investing. Now, if you’re convinced of Wilder World’s potential after your review, read on.

So, to get your hands on some $WILD tokens, you need to check their Coingecko Markets page. From here, you’d be guided on where $WILD tokens are traded. See the above screenshot for $WILD token’s ready markets. These could include both Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) or Decentralized ones (DEXs).

Wilder World Coingecko Markets
Source: CoinGecko

As a general guideline, look for exchanges offering:

  • Low Spread. 
  • High Volume.
  • Green Trust Score. 

All these help to ensure that you get an accurate price for your $WILD tokens. With the list above, I would recommend you get $WILD tokens from MEXC Global or Kucoin.

Now, as a savvy crypto investor, you need to know how to take profits. With that, let’s find out how to convert your $WILD tokens to USD in the next section.

How to Convert $WILD Tokens to USD?

To take profits on your $WILD tokens back to fiat, there are a few methods. Let’s explore 2 of them below:

  1. Method #1 – Using Kucoin. With a CEX like Kucoin, you could:
    • Sell your $WILD tokens into $USDT. You can do this using their spot trading function. The screenshot below reflects the $WILD/$USDT trading pair.

      Wilder World Selling Kucoin
      Source: KuCoin
    • Then, navigate to Kucoin’s “Fast Trade” page. Then, click on “Sell” as shown below. From here, you can convert your $USDT stablecoins into USD using any of Kucoin’s available payment partners.

      Wilder World Selling to USD
      Source: KuCoin
  2. Method #2 – Using Uniswap. With a DEX like Uniswap, you can’t really convert $WILD to fiat. You’d need to use a CEX like Kucoin as well.
    • First, convert your $WILD into $USDT. Ensure that you double-check $WILD’s token contract on Coingecko first. For easy reference, the contract address is 0x2a3bff78b79a009976eea096a51a948a3dc00e34. Then, input the contract into Uniswap’s token input field. Do the same for the $USDT stablecoin.

      Source: Uniswap
    • Now, you should have got your $USDT tokens in your Metamask wallet, as well as some $ETH for gas. Now, withdraw the $USDT onto Kucoin or onto a CEX of your choice. Now, you can choose any CEX you want. You’re no longer restricted to the list of exchanges that $WILD trades on. That is because $USDT is traded almost anywhere. From there on, you then need to convert your $USDT to USD fiat. For how to do so with Kucoin, you can refer back to method #1 above.
Is the $WILD Token on Binance?

Considering CEXs, it is impossible not to think of Binance. As of today, Binance has one of the best payment channels for getting USD from crypto. Unfortunately, Binance has not listed the $WILD token. Hence, you can only use method #2 above with Binance for selling $WILD to fiat USD. Of course, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Wilder World team is working with Binance for an upcoming listing.

How to buy the $WILD Token? 

Buying $WILD tokens is simple as well. Similarly, we go through 2 methods of buying them.

  1. Method #1 – Using CEXs like Kucoin or MEXC.
    • If you already have crypto on Kucoin or MEXC, buying $WILD is easy. Just sell your crypto into $USDT. Then, use your $USDT to buy $WILD. You can do so through the $WILD/$USDT trading pairs for Kucoin or MEXC.
    • But, if you do not have any crypto on these exchanges yet, you could consider sending it over from your wallet or other CEXs. Otherwise, you could buy $USDT from Kucoin through their “Fast Trade” option as well. Except for this time, ensure that you’re on the “Buy” tab instead of “Sell”. Once you’ve gotten your $USDT, you could then trade it for your $WILD tokens!
  2. Method #2 – Using Uniswap.
    • To use a DEX like Uniswap, you need to have $ETH (for gas fees) and $USDT on your Metamask Wallet first.
    • Then, ensure you’ve input the $WILD token’s contract address (0x2a3bff78b79a009976eea096a51a948a3dc00e34) in the input field below. Finally, you can swap your $USDT for $WILD tokens.

      Uniswap Buy
      Source: app.uniswap.org

Congratulations! Now you’ve gotten yourself some $WILD tokens. They’re now either in your CEX wallet, or in your ERC-20 Metamask wallet!


We hope the above article has been helpful to a $WILD token trader/buyer like yourself. If you’re deciding to get into the Wilder World metaverse, holding $WILD tokens will surely be useful. In fact, similar principles from this article can be used for other tokens apart from $WILD as well! So do hop back here for a handy trading reference.

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