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Blockchain games have grown in popularity and usage since the lockdown in 2020. These games, built on popular blockchains, provide features not found in traditional games and go the extra mile to provide players with a chance to earn.

Several games stand out when discussing blockchain games, especially DeFi Kingdom, Axie Infinity, and Splinterlands.

What is DeFi Kingdom?

DeFi Kingdom is a popular play-to-earn game designed around NFTs and its native currency, JEWEL. The game is built on the Harmony Protocol, and all transactions within the game are carried out with the JEWEL token. Here are some things you should know about the DeFi Kingdom game.

How DeFi Kingdom Works?

DeFi Kingdom gained popularity by fusing a DEX with a fantasy setting. The game is still developing, but there are some already established features that gamers can participate in using the JEWEL and ONE token. Gamers need ONE for gas fees while making in-game purchases. Then, the JEWEL token is needed to purchase in-game products and finish particular tasks.

To know how the game works, you must be familiar with some of its sections or parts. For example, the marketplace is the DEX of the DeFi Kingdom. This is the only place where gamers can trade their JEWEL tokens. They can also interact with the “trader” to swap different tokens for JEWEL.

Additionally, the bank is where gamers can trade JEWEL for xJEWEL. So, the bank rewards gamers with a number of xJEWEL equal to the JEWEL they deposited. This is then divided by the Bank Ratio at the time.

Thirdly, the Garden is the game’s liquidity pool. Here, gamers can stake a pair of two tokens for rewards. They can stake any token of their choice along with the JEWEL token.

Note: The Tavern refers to the game’s NFT marketplace where players can purchase their Hero NFTs. Then, the Portal is where gamers can use two heroes to get a new one. Every part of the game is structured in a way that makes it a fun adventure.

When Did DeFi Kingdom Launch?

DeFi Kingdos launched on August 22nd, 2021, as a DEX with LP farming opportunities. The game is still adding more features.

Where to Buy DeFi Kingdom?

You can buy the JEWEL tokens on a couple of crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance. The JEWEL contract address is 0x72Cb10C6bfA5624dD07Ef608027E366bd690048F.

You can also purchase the token from the game. After logging in to DeFi Kingdom, you can buy JEWEL at the DFK Marketplace from the Trader, Merchant Matoya, with your ONE token or other Harmony tokens.

Is DeFi Kingdom Free to Play?

DFK is free to play, but there is a transaction fee for every time gamers engage with the blockchain. This includes when they create a profile to play. However, these fees are a fraction of a cent.

How to Convert Defi Kingdom Token to USD

As of this writing, I JEWEL is equal to 0.175909 USD. You can check Coinbase to convert JEWEL to USD.

Is DeFi Kingdom on Mobile?

DFK is mostly a web-based game. However, you can play it through your Metamask Mobile browser. First, download and install the Metamask wallet. Then, read this article for more details.

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