Emurgo, the Financial arm of Cardano, announced yesterday that Yoroi extension is now available in Firefox. 

In a tweet through their Yoroi Wallet handle, Emurgo twitted, “Great news everyone! Yoroi for Firefox is now available! Be sure to update to Firefox 67 to be able to install!”

The addon can be downloaded here.

About Yoroi for Firefox

As per the Firefox add-in page:

The Yoroi installation package is small, so it does not require much bandwidth. Yoroi is a light wallet and does not require a full copy of the blockchain on a user’s machine. Private keys associated with users wallets are stored only on a users computer and they are encrypted with the wallet password. They are not stored on centrally hosted servers.


The release version 1.6.0 includes

  • Paper wallet support
  • New monospace font for addresses and ids
  • Account plates
  • Better message for invalid mnemonic

 Set Up

Set up is quite simple and consists of the below steps:

  • Select Language
  • Agree to Terms of Use
  • Wallet options: Restore from Ledger/ Trezor/ Create a new wallet/ Recovery through 15-word recovery phrase/ Restore a paper wallet
  • For new wallet, put wallet name, 12 digit spending address, and note down your recovery password.
  • Use the Wallet


  • The minimalist wallet is simple yet powerful
  • The wallet’s transaction features work smoothly
  • Some users have reported that the Icon edges are not sharp and do not go well with dark themes
  • If additional privacy settings are enabled in firefox installation might be a problem. To resolve this refer here.
  • Answering to some user’s questions regarding safety in a webpage, Emurgo has replied that a browser extension is safer than a webpage. Further details here.
  • As Yoroi and Daedalus wallets use different key derivation schemes, and the address format is different on each, extra effort needs to be given to transfer Ada from Daedalus wallet to Yoroi extension, not a simple import.
  • Finally, scroll down option does not work sometimes leading to unavailability of content in the below half of the page


Till now the extension has a 4.4 rating out of 5 in Firefox (7 votes).


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