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In the crypto space today, many Metaverses are well in development. Usually, these projects are built on Layer 1 blockchains. But, Bitcoin has made great technological advances recently.

Indeed, some builders in the space have gone as far as to say: “The Metaverse has arrived on Bitcoin.” But who are these builders? Why would they say that? What’s next in the pipeline for the Bitcoin Network? In this article, we’ll do our best to answer the above questions. But first, let’s explain the team behind this milestone.

What Is The Council?

The Council is a group of people focusing on Bitcoin’s newest technology. Yes, you guessed it – BRC-20 and Ordinals. It has released its own NFT project, named The Council as well. By owning an NFT (yellow or orange coat), you’ll get access to new project tokens and profits from Council products.

Today, The Council is working on its first ecosystem product – ToshiPad. It’ll be the first BRC-20 launchpad on the Bitcoin Network. On top of that, The Council has its own utility native BRC-20 token, $CNCL.

The Metaverse Has Arrived on Bitcoin?

So, The Council is saying that the Metaverse has arrived on Bitcoin. This could usher in a new exciting era for Bitcoin. But how is this technically possible? Well, it seems that the Bitmap protocol is the answer.

The Metaverse Has Arrived on Bitcoin - Bitmap
Source: Twitter
What Is the Bitmap Protocol?

In short, the Bitmap protocol is a new standard for Bitcoin’s metaverse. It plans to enable the inscription of any block on the Bitcoin Network. To start off, Bitmap plans to leverage Bitfeed.

To understand more, take a look at the image below. It’s a visualizer that allows you to see Bitcoin blocks being formed in real-time. As you know, multiple transactions on the network come together to form a Bitcoin block. From here, a metaverse structure forms. Categorically, each block defines itself as a “District” and each transaction, as a “Land Parcel”.

Source: Twitter

So, if you imagine a Bitcoin block as a “metaverse”, the possibilities are endless. You could be inscribing games, visual environments, or any media onto each transaction! Thinking along the same lines, each block owner is then a metaverse owner. Or a mayor of a digital city. Within each block, transactions will each have its own rarity. Thus, this gives the “digital city” some variety and excitement.

What’s in the Pipeline for Bitmap Protocol?

Of course, what we’ve gone through above is still in its early stages of development. How Bitmap hopes to bring this forth remains to be seen. But, you can be assured that teams like them are working hard to bring the metaverse to Bitcoin.

Next, Bitmap hopes to improve its metaverse standards. In addition, it hopes to release a roadmap of a brand new endeavor. To fork Metaverse Voxels to create a Bitcoin metaverse.


For sure, the Bitcoin network has seen some great technological advances this year. And it’s not stopping with Bitmap alone. To be the first to access this alpha, keep track of our frequent blog posts.

Altcoin Buzz is keeping a sharp eye out for anything Ordinals and BRC-20. If you’d like to keep tabs on Bitmap’s development, you can follow Blockamoto’s Twitter account here. He/She is the creator of the Bitmap Standard.

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