According to coingecko, the marketcap of the gaming sector has increased 10.5% in the last 24 hours, with USD 40 billion as marketcap. As a result, The SandBox and Gala have increased their value by 100% and 204%, respectively.

Therefore, if you want to discover another gaming gem, look at the deep analysis we’ll do with Sidus NFT Heroes and add it to your watchlist today.

We liked this project because it allows its users to invest since 250$ or $500 to guarantee an allocation in its IDO for 50 lottery winners that have accomplished previous tasks. We haven’t seen any other project that sets such a low investment limit for its followers.

Another thing that caught our attention from this NFT game is the impeccable design of the game itself. For example, characters will have a large variety of customized skins. On the other hand, we found it very interesting the IDO launch will be presented on seven different platforms, where the following stand out: GameFi, Seedify, Red Kite. This means that it is a game entirely accepted by the leading platforms in the market.

Finally, we realized that Sidus has a robust group of investors like Seedify, DAOStarter, Dutch Crypto Investors, among others.

What is SIDUS?

SIDUS is the next-generation browser play-to-earn gaming metaverse.  Nowadays, anyone can play the pre-alpha demo. SIDUS is a universe of NFT Heroes that come from different blockchain planets. Each gaming character is initially a non-fungible token from one of the SIDUS collections that serves as an entrance ticket to the gaming metaverse.

Nowadays, Sidus is supported by the BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, EOS, Fantom, and Huobi. An important differentiating factor is that users can build and equip their starship before embarking on cosmic adventures with the multiplayer feature.

On the other hand, users can participate in the political life of the universe to get elected and represent their interests. Moreover, the NFT Heroes collection includes 6,000 distinct characters with varying rarity levels (Original, Rare, Legendary, Partnership). 

Also, you can use your NFT Hero as your digital avatar and assume a passive role in SIDUS society. You may also take part in the quest to the top of SIDUS’ social structure by upgrading your Hero, fighting in battles, and competing for the spotlight.

SIDUS Team & Tokenomics

SIDUS is backed by a team of specialists from many fields and a significant number of fans, who got together to launch the first-ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT RPG game employing a lot of cutting-edge technology.

Also, the SIDUS NFT HEROES team is comprised of a significant number of highly talented blockchain developers that have years of expertise developing DeFi and NFT technologies. Many SIDUS team members come from the game development sector and have extensive experience with cutting-edge technology and multimedia solutions.

Moreover, the team lists the tokens on BINANCE, OKEX, KUCOIN, HUOBI, MEXC, BYBIT, and UNISWAP.

Users can farm their resources, build and develop their place in its universe. NFT Heroes from the Founders collection may be used for NFT staking and NFT wrapping in addition to acting as an entry ticket to SIDUS.

Also, users can exchange and barter your in-game stuff in the inter-galaxy market, where you can find anything from competent warriors to antiquities from distant comets. Here is the DAO and gaming token distribution:

SIDUS token distribution

Source: SIDUS Whitepaper

SIDUS Risk, Competitors & Roadmap

Considering all the analyzed factors, we believe that SIDUS is an excellent project with practically no risks. This factor depends on what may happen since it has all the conditions to be a great project.

One area for improvement is for SIDUS to partner with security inspection companies such as Certik to ensure that the game performs at its best. On the other hand, critical factors that will determine the immediate future of SIDUS will be the success of the marketplace, academy, farming, and starter that will be launched soon.

On the other hand, there are plenty of NFT games in the crypto sector. However, we think that the most direct competitors are Axie Infinity, Enjin, UFO Gaming. As you can see, these are leading projects in the gaming ecosystem that have similar features.

Finally, according to the roadmap, these are the following milestones that will occur shortly:


  • SIDUS marketplace.
  • Launch of SIDUS staking booster.
  • SIDUS farming pools launch.
  • Launch of Beta version, among others.
  • On December 15th, SIDUS will present its native tokens – SIDUS and SENATE – for Initial DEX Offering on seven different platforms. 


  • Release of on web PC/Mac version
  • Rental of heroes
  • Implementing a blockchain voting system.
  • Among others.
  • On January 10th, the SIDUS HEROES team is also preparing to launch a closed beta version.
  • On January 23rd, the game is opening up to the public.


SIDUS Heroes is already available in test mode. The team released a pre-alpha demo version of the metaverse in October 2021. In the pre-alpha game, users can explore the SIDUS Central Station, choose between several Heroes and test them out in Battle Arena.

Like most turnaround projects, there are still a lot of things that SIDUS is doing right. Things like:

  • Multi-chain support.
  • IDO launched on several platforms.
  • Partnered with many investors/leaders.
  • A vast base of NFTs.
  • Backed by a leading team.

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