How can Amazon Prime Subscribers have Free Polygon NFTs?

Amazon Prime is available on 4 continents and 27 countries. This includes most of the biggest media markets in the world. In other words, it reaches millions of people. However, subscriptions are specific to certain countries. Amazon Prime is now targeting the NFT market. 

This may be a great booster for the NFT space. So, let’s take a look at how you can get free NFTs with Amazon Prime.

How to Get a Free NFT With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Games has a promotion going on for free NFTs. This is part of a partnership with Mystic Moose. They are the team behind Mojo Melee and Planet Mojo. Their goal is to redefine strategy multiplayer PvP auto chess battlers. These are hybrid auto-chess games. They are the same as auto battler games. However, these games have chess-like elements. For example, you can place your NFTs on a grid-shaped battlefield. Like a chess game.

For the next 6 months, you can get monthly drops from Mojo Melee. That is, providing you’re an Amazon Prime member. This includes the NFT for the characters Gwyn Rockhopper and 885 Ore. The latter is an in-game currency, but it’s non-crypto. The monthly drops include:

  • Spell stones and currency packs, 
  • Digital collectibles.

These include, among others, new champions and skins.

You can use these NFTs in future games by Planet Mojo or sell them on NFT marketplaces. So, that’s easy and straightforward. You only have to make sure that are an Amazon Prime member to qualify for these drops. Even if you don’t intend to play the game, you can sell them on a marketplace. You can play Mojo Melee on your web browser. The team built this game on Polygon. The designers of the game include team members of well-known game developers. For instance:

  • LucasArts, 
  • Electronic Arts, 
  • Activision.

Surely, names that seasoned gamers will recognize. On top of that, Mojo Melee plans to go into new auto-chess directions. With easy-to-grasp components, they offer accessible games. However, you do need to put some time and effort in to reach the required knowledge and experience levels.

3D Digital Collectibles

It’s not only new elements that Mystic Moose brings to the game. They also have another ace up their sleeves. These are 3D digital collectibles. These come in the form of NFTs. They allow you to customize your NFTs. You can, for instance, create NFTs with unique looks.

In the game, there are Mojos. These are small magical plant-based creatures. They connect deeply with Planet Mojo. Currently, there are four Mojo subclasses, for example, Moss, Leaf, Flower, and Vin. Each subclass has unique abilities that are special. For instance, they can heal, buff, or strengthen your NFTs.

This is an exciting feature that Mystic Moose adds to the game. Besides traditional static NFTs, that only have an image, you get 3D models. Mystic Moose is upgrading all existing Champion NFTs into a 3D version. For example, this allows you to look at them from any possible angle by rotating them. Furthermore, you can also zoom in and out. So, you can’t only look at them, but you can modify them. You can create a unique 3D NFT to your liking. And the best part is that you own them because they are NFTs.


Source: Twitter


We introduced free NFTs on Amazon Prime Gaming to you. Mojo Melee partnered with Amazon Prime. During 6 months you can get these free NFTs. Soon also with 3D digital collectibles that you can modify. So, this may well be a boost for the collective NFT and gaming spaces. Amazon is a giant to reckon with.

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