earn more selling NFTs

The NFT ecosystem is one of the fast-growing and innovative spheres of the entire crypto ecosystem. We have seen the influence of NFTs in important areas like blockchain gaming, art, collectibles, etc. NFTs are also becoming a reliable way to earn passive income.

In a recent research paper, 2 professors disclosed six (6) reliable ways to earn more on Your NFTs. Let’s discover them now.

Who Should You Imitate When Buying NFTs?

According to the research, using these nuggets, NFT sales can yield users as much as 10% more profit. This article summarises the entire research paper. It also highlights the six (6) tested quirks to earn at least 10% more profit when you sell your NFTs.

Note: The research paper was compiled and written by University of Chicago professor Anthony Lee Zhang and Temple University professor Sam Rosen. Both professors analyzed 692 NFTs and over 300,000 wallet transactions.

1Avoid Roadmaps

This is because NFT projects with a roadmap have a well-defined future. That means they are less likely to sell out. According to the research papers, projects with roadmaps have an 8.5% chance of not selling out.

At about 1 week after minting, these NFTs usually experience approximately a 9.8% price gain. But at the end of the first month, most NFTs will be down by at least 5% from their mint prices.

2. Say No To Derivatives (Apes are an exception)

Another NFT to avoid is derivatives. They are also about 3.7% less likely to sell out. And after 28 days, they are mostly down by about 65.8% from their initial mint prices. Apes on the other hand are usually up by about 1,256% from their mint prices in about 28 days.

3. Avoid 3D Art

3D art NFTs attract a lot of attention, especially in the first few days of their mint. They, however, can seem to capture the attention of users to hold them. This resulted in them losing as much as 23% of their mint prices in about one month from minting.

Also, 3D art NFTs are about 2.2% more likely to mint out.

4. Ape NFTs In Animations And Music

The almighty Apes NFT when inputted in NFT projects are usually up by 38% from when they are minted. Also, animated NFTs are about 5.3% less likely to mint out their entire collection.

NFT with Music projects are also about 7.7% less likely to mint their entire collection. They are also mostly up by 71.5%, 28 days after their minting.

5. Apes With the Creator Profile

Observations from previous collections reveal that NFT collections with their artist’s Twitter handle are also more likely to sell out. According to the research paper, they are estimated to be about 6.1% more likely to sell out. In about 28 days, these NFTs are usually up by 72.2% from their mint prices.

Such NFT projects provide holders with trust. As investors can put a face and name to a particular project.

6. Hold Your NFTs For Shorter Timeframes

A good way to retain and also increase your profit is to hold your NFTs for a shorter period. According to the author of the research paper, “[…] experienced investors tend to sell NFTs that are doing well, whereas inexperienced investors tend to hold on to them.”

This is also the best possible way to “BUY LOW and SELL HIGH”.

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