Top 5 Low to Mid-Cap POW Coins to Keep an Eye On

We are keeping Bitcoin and Litecoin separate from this list.

Here are 5 PoW coins positioned well for the next cycle. You can subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha to have more analysis of this type.

1) Iron fish

Iron Fish is a small-cap gem contender. It blends privacy, proof of work, and view-only/read-only capability. The read-only is key here for a couple of reasons:

  1. Iron Fish is a US-based project: Regulators there will want to see that there is an access point when needed. This is much safer than building a backdoor that we can’t access but the Feds can
  2. Many projects will be able to use this feature: Patients can reveal any info they want to their doctors. While leaving the info private and inaccessible to everyone else. It may be the key to cracking the US healthcare on blockchain problem and solution.

The tokenomics are also good with only 6.1% for Core Team and 83% for Mining rewards. This is as close to a fair launch as most teams are willing to do nowadays. There are some fair launch coins but very good. This is a pretty fair setup. Its fully diluted marketcap is 43.7M.

2) Hathor

Hathor is a DAG-based PoW platform that can Merge mine with BTC or LTC and use it for security. Also, users can create their own PoW token platform. PoW smart contracts are called Nano contracts. Considers itself a financial transaction app chain.

Tokenomics is not great. Big Premine. But they have a burn program and 18% locked up in a 5-year vault. Circulating supply OK. Its Fully Diluted Market Cap is 57.2M.

3) Tectum

Tectum is the Ultimate Bitcoin Layer-2 Scaling Solution that has instant immutable transactions. The Tectum Blockchain exceeds 1 million transactions per second using a proprietary Proof-of-Utility Consensus.

This makes Tectum the perfect solution as an “Overlay Network” for numerous blockchain systems such as Bitcoin. Tectum also has Internet of Things applications, such as recording the geo-position of a drone or systems status of a vehicle several times a second. Its Fully Diluted Market Cap is 104M.

4) Taraxa

Taraxa is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform that uses blockDAG and t-Graph consensus to tackle real-world challenges. It has 5000 TPS and only 4 seconds to finish. AI-enabled ecosystem (per the Team) at 17% ROI for staking.

Tokenomics is OK/not great. 3.6 billion circulations out of 10.3 billion. Only 28% for the Ecosystem and Community while 15% goes to the Team. Most are done through public and private sales and 20% to the Foundation, which we know means it could be used for anything at any time. Its Fully Diluted Market Cap is 95.7M.


ANKR uses ETH PoW for security but is not mineable in the traditional sense. All coins are in the market now. GREAT Web3 Infrastructure play down 9% in the last 12 months.

Do nodes and staking across more than 50 different blockchains and RPCs for ETH so you aren’t stuck with Infura if you use Metamask. Its Fully Diluted Market Cap is 268M.

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