NFTs had a hard time over the last year. However, it appears that they’re bouncing back. More use cases for NFTs are coming online daily. For example, gaming is a big space for NFTs. The same counts for the RWA sector with its tokenized assets. There’s also the NFT collector and PFP space. This space evolves as we speak, for instance, with dynamic NFTs. The Sui blockchain also has a vivid NFT landscape.

So, let’s take a look at some top Sui NFT collections.

Prime Machin

Prime Machin is one of the latest mints on Sui. Their mint took place on 7th April. The whole collection of 3333 NFTs already minted out. So, if you want to get in, start sniping. The current floor price is 133.11 $SUI on Hyperspace or 790 $ICON on Craft. With a current $SUI price of $1.55, that’s just over $200. It may be well worth it to get one. So, let me explain why you should have a Prime Machin NFT.

There are many good reasons I can think of, but for starters. I give you this reason. Studio Mirai is the same creative team behind Dokyo. This is the leading blue chip NFT collection on Avalanche. At the same time, they also created $FUD, a top meme coin on Sui. So, they are a busy and successful team. 

Furthermore, the team used dynamic NFTs. Now, in case you didn’t know, you can change dynamic NFTs after their mint. In Prime Machin’s case, you minted a black and white NFT. However, you can upgrade it to two different levels, by using the dynamic properties of the NFT. When upgrading the NFT, you color the black and white NFT. Once you color it, you can’t un-color it anymore. See the picture below.


Source: Prime Machin website

The Machin Collections

Prime Machin is also the first in a series of three Machin collections. There will be a 10k overall collection, spread out over these three collections. So, it looks like each collection will have 3333 NFTs. The other two collections are Enforcer Machin and Android Machin (not launched yet). There’s also the $KOTO token, an on-chain engagement currency. You need $KOTO to start the coloring process of Prime Machin NFTs.

Well, and last but not least, Prime Machin is a story. It’s the story of Nozomi and consists of 4 books. Here’s a link to the books. This collection is as hot as they come. You might as well get in now, while it’s still early.


The Fuddies NFT collection, minted on 3rd May 2023. That’s also the launch date for the Sui chain mainnet. It’s a collection of 10k NFTs. In almost a year’s time, they became a household name in the Sui NFT ecosystem. They are also one of Sui’s blue-chip collections.

The PFPs depict cartoonish owls. Their current floor price is 209 $SUI. At $1.55 for a $SUI token, that’s almost $325. Not bad for a collection that many expected to go to $0 in no time. Their daily trading volume is still high after almost a year. It’s currently at $2.3k. 

The collection is available on secondary markets. You can try TraderPort or Hyperspace to pick up a Fuddie. See the current collection on Hyperspace below.


Source: Hyperspace


The DeSuiLabs NFTs were a free mint of 2,222 NFTs in June 2023. They are part of a coin flip game. As a holder, you receive gamified rewards. Your participation fee in the coin flip game is also reduced, from 1% to 0.5%. The current floor price is 339 $SUI.  

To play the coin flip game, you need to have $SUI in your wallet. Connect your wallet to the website and choose heads or tail. After that, you decide on how many $SUI tokens you want to bet. You either lose your $SUI or double your bet. There’s also a ‘Spot the Ball’ and ‘Lootbox’ game. To clarify, these are all provable fair games.

TradeFest by ThinkSui and TradePort

ThinkSui and TradePort partnered up and are offering a Sui NFT TradeFest. There are 4 different periods during April in which you can take part. Each period has a different theme. For example,

  • 8th – 12th April, Pains or Gains — Realize the highest trading profit.
  • 15th – 19th April, Sharp Shooter — Snipe the most undervalued NFTs.
  • 22nd – 26th April, Busy Bee — For the most active traders.
  • 29th April – 3rd May, Community vs Communities. — Head-to-head battle for profits between top 10 traders.

There will also be special bounties. In total, over 40k USD worth of $SUI is up for grabs!


The Sui NFT space is very much alive. We looked at some top Sui NFT collections, Prime Machin, Fuddies, and DeSuiLabs. However, there’s much more to research and find. And don’t forget the NFT TradeFest during April, with 40k USD worth of $SUI on the table.



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