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If you’re involved in NFTs, you most likely use one or more aggregators. They help you find useful information about projects. There are quite a few different ones out and about. If you’re new to NFTs, they can be really useful.

We are focusing on the Icy Tools aggregator today. So, without further ado, let see what it has to offer.

What Is Icy Tools?

Icy Tools collects information on NFT collections. They offer a variety of different features. For example:

  • New mints
  • Dig into projects with extended information
  • Track portfolio of wallets
  • Sales volume
  • History
  • Average sales price

Although they offer basic information, they are transparent. Especially for beginners, they have an easy-to-use UI. They also offer a free option and a paid option. More on the latter later.

The free option is basic. Nonetheless, all the information is easy to find. This should cater to most NFT users. However, currently, they only offer Ethereum research. Multi-chain is in the pipeline, though. Looking at the current market development, that is almost a must. For example, Solana, ADA, and IMX are knocking on the door.

Currently, they support OpenSea and Infinity. They also get information from the CryptoPunks exchange. Plans for more platforms are in the making. For example, but not limited to:

  • Rarible 
  • Nifty 
  • Gateway 
  • Foundation

The display is not the most exciting, but it serves its purpose well. Once you click on a collection to your liking, you find a wealth of information. For instance, you have access to an overview of:

  • Volume during the last 24 hrs
  • Sales during the last 24 hrs
  • Floor
  • Average price during the last 24 hrs

See the picture below.

Icy Tools

Source: Sui Punks on Icy Tools

Icy Tools Review

As part of the review, it’s a good idea to give you some pros and cons of Icy Tools. So, here we go.


  • A real user-friendly interface. It’s easy-to-use and has plenty of options. 
  • The free version is useful but basic. It gives just enough information to keep you locked in. If you want access to more information, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. 
  • The team is active with a roadmap. You can influence the direction of the roadmap by upvoting proposals.


  • Icy Tools is good but not the best. CryptoSlam or OpenSea offer better options for free. You may also want to look into DappRadar.
  • The mobile version needs some improvement.
  • You can’t buy NFTs with Icy Tools. However, this is high on their priorities on their roadmap.
  • Currently, they only support Ethereum and ERC-721 NFTs. Plans for multi-chain are in the making.

Icy Tools Premium

Icy Tools Premium is the paid version of this software. The platform offers this for $75 per month. You can also opt for $375 for six months. This way you get one month for free. So, besides all the free features, you also receive:

  • Trending and Discover intervals down to the minute.
  • Unlock wallet and collection alerts. Custom watch lists, along with real-time activity feeds.
  • View historical sales, mint data, and trends for any NFT collection.

There are better options available. However, for beginners, this is a great place to start. The premium may just give you that little extra power or knowledge. This, in turn, will give you the opportunity to find great steals. You can snipe away at good deals or rare NFTs. 

On their roadmap page, you can also see what they are currently working on. Once you log in to the site, you can upvote proposals. It allows you to actively take part.


This is the first part of our Icy Tools review. We covered three popular questions about this platform. In Part 2, we answer three more questions for you. 

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