World Of Women NFT Collection Review

The World of Women (WoW) NFT collection celebrates diversity and strength through art, blockchain technology, and community building.

Owners of the WoW collection benefit from full ownership and intellectual property rights, curated pre-sales, unique ArtDrops, and social causes through the WoWsphere initiative.  This article examines the World of Women NFT collection, statistics, and NFT market utility.

So what to wait? Let’s dive in!

What Is the World Of Women NFT Collection?

The WoW collection impressively combines art, blockchain technology, and community building. 

World of Women NFT Collection
Source: World of Women

Yam Karkai created the collection, showcasing women’s strength and diversity through a distinctive style. WoW has become one of the world’s most successful NFT brands thanks to the passionate community’s support.

On July 27th, 2021, WoW launched a collection of 10K different digital collectibles. Each collectible is randomly generated and saved as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Blockchain technology guarantees that every artwork is unique and impossible to duplicate or replicate. Moreover, the collection is available on IPFS, enabling easy access and sharing across the web.

WoW is committed to diversity and inclusion so that its brand can reach a larger audience. The brand also wants to lead the creative revolution by merging art and technology. WoW is also mission- and value-driven. It promotes philanthropy and sustainability by offsetting the environmental impact of NFTs, giving money to charities worldwide, and starting the WoW Foundation to make a measurable impact.

The WoW NFT Collection Trait Breakdown

There are 189 traits in total across 11 different categories in the WoW collection, seven of which are Lips Color traits that had varying probabilities of occurrence. The traits in the “Lips Color” are listed below.

  1. Burgundy (20%)
  2. Flashy Blue (11%)
  3. Gold (6%)
  4. Party Pink (11%)
  5. Passion Red (30%)
  6. Purple (20%)
  7. Space (2%)

Other categories of traits are Backgrounds, Clothes, Earrings, Eyes, Face Accessories, Facial Features, Hairstyle, Lips Color, Mouth, and Necklace. As with any NFT collection, the traits with varying levels of rarity affect the NFT’s resale price through randomization that occurred during minting.

World of women Trait Braeakdown
Source: WoW
What’s Behind the Success of the World Of Women Collection?

There are several reasons for WoW’s success. One was that, in the male-dominated field of NFTs, many women yearned to work on a project that spoke to them. WoW is a pioneering initiative in the NFT ecosystem that a woman has led. It may be the most effective effort to bring women into the previously male-dominated Web3 community. This project was essential to ensure that women are heard in the crypto field. 

The project’s profile was boosted when celebrities began sharing PFPs on social media. Stars like Eva Longoria, Napheesa Collier, Reese Witherspoon, and Shonda Rhimes have supported the initiative. Private collector Gary Vee acquired 15 NFTs across both collections. These events helped spread the WoW community’s word.

The second collection of WoW, WoW Galaxy, raises the game to a new level and introduces thousands of new players to the supportive community.

Exclusive Perks in WOW NFTs

1. Complete IP rights.

  • You can do anything you want with your WoW, even sell it.
  • The author’s moral rights prohibit certain use cases such as hatred, intolerance, violence, and cruelty.
  • When the NFT is sold, ownership of the IP is transferred.

2. Access to MYWOW.

3. Digital wearables like merch, accessories, and more to customize your avatar.

4. ArtDrops, capacitors, and other exclusive NFT drops.

5. Drops of exclusive physical goods, including the first WoWG Monopoly.

6. IRL experiences that are both community-led and company-led.

7. Possibility to influence company direction through DaWoW voting and influence outcomes.

8. Surprising activities (contests, competitions, and games).

There are many advantages exclusive to WoW owners, as they are contributors and key stakeholders in the WoW mission.

Benefits of WOW Ownership
  • Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP.
  • Original monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists.
  • Exclusive access to your WoW 4k x 4k file.
  • Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high-potential collections vetted by the DAWoW.
  • Holders-only raffles and discounts.
  • Invitation to the yearly gala for holders and in-person events.
The Sandbox

To increase diversity and the representation of women in NFTs and the metaverse, the Foundation was established in March 2022 with a 25 million dollar grant from WoW’s partners at The Sandbox.

While the WoW Foundation focuses on various blockchain sub-industries, its partnership with The Sandbox further invests in women in the industry and fosters long-term growth.

WoW Fund

To accomplish this goal, the WoW Fund set aside 15% of WoW’s primary sales to be explicitly used to buy artwork for display in the WoW Museum.

This initiative allowed the acquisition of over 300 unique pieces of artwork from various Web3 artists worldwide within the first year.

World of Women
Source: World of Women

The Fund has several aims, including the acquisition of rare works of Cryptoart, including the promotion of the artists represented in its collection. It also includes the completion of purchase requests from the Curator’s Club, the inclusion of the opinions of all WoW owners, and the creation of sufficient profits to reinvest in the Fund and increase its holdings. 

The Fund accepts community suggestions and offers specific Discord channels for requests for artwork to support adored artists.

Utility in the World Of Women NFT Collection

WoW NFT holders get a number of perks, including full ownership and IP rights to their NFTs, exclusive access to events, pre-sales, mint passes, and unique ArtDrops. 

World of Women (WoW) NFT holders are entitled to various benefits and services. First and foremost, they own and have intellectual property (IP) rights to their NFTs, which include a 4k x 4k file. This implies individuals have entire ownership over their NFT and can do whatever they want with it, such as sell, display, or utilize it in any other way.

WoW NFT holders receive unique ArtDrops monthly from chosen NFT artists. The only people who receive these unique and special artworks are WoW NFT holders. Pre-sales and mint pass for high-potential NFT collections occasionally occur, offering WoW NFT holders the chance to purchase and acquire some of the most sought-after NFTs on the market.

Additionally, owners of WoW NFTs have access to special events like the annual gala, discounts, and raffles. As a result, they can take part in exciting and fun events that are only open to WoW NFT holders.

World of Women WoWsphere

Being part of the WoWsphere is another benefit for WoW NFT holders. The program provides emergency funds and climate change funds to support women and girls. She’s the First receives 2.5% of primary sales and uses the funds to support and fund local solutions that educate and empower girls in 26 nations. The Rockflower Fund provides 2.5% support to female social entrepreneurs and community leaders worldwide. The WoW Fund invests in NFT artists and promotes their work by offering them 15% of primary sales.


Several significant milestones were reached by the WoW team, including their collaboration with Hello Sunshine, the first Worldwide NFT exhibition, and participation in the World Economic Forum. 

They also introduced DAWoW (World of Women Decentralised Autonomous Organization),  a new website. Furthermore, WoW is actively working together in the NFT space through partnerships with Yuga Labs and The Sandbox, the latter of which has a $25 million deal with WoW and aims to promote female inclusion through education and mentorship.

There are a number of notable artists taking part in the next WoW Artfest. David Ariew is a renowned 3D and visual artist who has collaborated with Deadmau5 and Katy Perry. His work was displayed at Beeple‘s grand opening, ranging from concert visuals to VR experiences. Meanwhile, Smeccea, a 3D artist based in Vancouver, creates artwork that showcases floral designs and characters inspired by nature. Global brands like Adobe and Apple, as well as music artists such as SZA, The Chainsmokers, and 21 Savage, have been captivated by her stunning landscapes and endearing characters.

WoW Artfest
Source: WoW Artfest

The second World of Women’s Artfest event will occur on May 4. In addition to showcasing a variety of excellent artistic abilities, the event will award WoW and Wow Galaxy holders with various NFTs.

During the event, attendees can claim art by holding a WoW or WoW Galaxy NFT based on a snapshot. Each Planet has 15 painters, and collectors can claim one piece of art per wallet at no cost other than gas fees. A special raffle is available for those who complete missions or acquire all 15 artworks, with additional prizes up for grabs.

At the time of writing, World Of Women has 206.2K followers on Twitter, 69,119 members on Discord, and 85.8K followers on Instagram.

The Artist Behind the Project

Yam Karkai, an illustrator and artist, is the co-founder and creative director of the WoW collection. Yam has consistently elevated women through her art. She was motivated to develop a groundbreaking NFT collection that promotes diversity and broadens representation in the NFT industry.

Final Thoughts

Creating a diverse and welcoming environment for NFT enthusiasts has been made possible by the World of Women NFT collection, which successfully combines art, blockchain technology, and community building. WoW is dedicated to fostering philanthropy, sustainability, and creativity through its mission-driven approach, which involves funding charitable organizations, reducing the environmental impact of NFTs, and assisting up-and-coming artists in digital art. 

It will be interesting to see how WoW adapts and innovates as the NFT market changes to keep its position as a market leader.

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