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ENERGI OVERVIEW: Digital Currency for World Adoption

Energi wants to bring cryptocurrency to everyone! For this goal to be realized, a self-funding treasury is essential to pay for developers, contributors, marketers,...

Interview with Stakenet’s Platform Manager, Shahab Behzadi

I am joined today by Shahab Behzadi, Platform Manager for Stakenet. Stakenet is the first trustless interchain economy. They are combining Lightning Network and...

Apple Working On A Hardware Wallet?

There has been some buzz around Apple possibly working on a crypto hardware wallet solution for its devices, but what exactly is happening with...
Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

CHAOEX is a digital currency trading platform founded by Unique Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong). Recently CHAOEX has opened a legal entity in...

Wanchain Introduction – Community Speaks

The Community Speaks segment is written by select members of cryptocurrency coin or token project communities who want to update the Altcoin Buzz Army...