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Which Web 3.0 Social Media Platforms Can Replace Meta?

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is getting a lot of flak over its proposed plans to create a Metaverse. Widespread concerns are justified given...
LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Opinions

LunarCrush Is Launching API v3.0

LunarCrush is your data cruncher beyond comparison. For anything available on social data, LunarCrush covers it. For cryptocurrencies and NFTs alike. They collect, track,...
web 3 gameta

Learn Web 3 as a Game with Gameta

As the adoption of blockchain technology increases, there is also an increase in awareness of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Many schools think that Web...
Consensys Investment

ConsenSys is Driving Institutional Interest in Web 3

ConsenSys is in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. The blockchain technology startup firm recently raised $450 million in a...

Web3: An Internet Evolution or Just Another Buzzword?

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has updated its Academy section with a deep dive into Web3. Is it all just hype or is...
Top Crypto News 1-20

Top Crypto News: 1/19 – Opera Launches Web 3 Browser

This new week has brought very few changes to the entire cryptocurrency space, with a lot of sideways trading in the market. As part of...
Figment Web 3-0

Which Web 3 Company Just Raised $110 Million?

It is excellent news in the Figment ecosystem as the staking services provider announced that it had secured significant funding that will help it...
Energi Q1 2020

Energi (NRG) 3.0 Release + Masternode Updates

Team Energi seems to have turned unstoppable. Earlier this year, the project team indicated that the most awaited Energi Gen 3 launch date might...

ENERGI (NRG) 3.0 Begins Alpha Testing!

Energi (NRG) aims to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance, and a self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and...
curve finance review

Is Curve Finance a Good Investment?

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange that specializes in stablecoin trading. So, the platform provides investors with various stablecoins, keeping them away from volatile...