Andy Cheung Leaves for BitWork

OKEx COO Andy Cheung decided to fully focus on his Bitwork project and leaves the position. Bitwork’s main activity will be consulting services in all spheres of blockchain.

Mr.Cheung announced on January 7th that he is leaving the cryptocurrency exchange to develop a new blockchain consulting company called Bitwork. His goal is to boost mass adoption.

Andy Cheung has been working with OKEx since its creation. Many media companies named him as one of the most famous crypto influencers. Having a huge experience in the crypto industry, Cheung has founded a blockchain start-up in Hong Kong.

“My goal is to drive mass cryptocurrency adoption. But my contribution can be very limited in a cryptocurrency exchange. I decided, and we agreed amicably, that I can better achieve my goals with a new venture. Still, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have served OKEx,” says Andy Cheung.

What is Bitwork’s mission?

Bitwork is a company that provides what it describes as “top-end blockchain services and solutions to the industry.” Hence, it aims at promoting blockchain technology on the enterprise level for industries such as banking, health care, education, and government departments. The company also advocates the usage of blockchain on an individual level.

So, the team of Bitwork’s experts is ready to consult cryptocurrency projects to educate them on how to market their products.

Cheung says, “The question I was always asked in OKEx was: How can my project get listed on your exchange? Like CZ (CEO of Binance) and a few more leaders in the industry, we always tell the teams that project quality is the key.”

Cheung notes that young companies often struggle with improving the quality of the project not quite understanding the needs if the market. “Bitwork will help answer and provide solutions to these questions. By helping more projects to get exposure and connecting them to different markets, we strive to facilitate mass crypto adoption.”

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