ChainLink Strikes a New Partnership

ChainLink, which “provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain“, integrates a new node operator.

Tokenview partners with ChainLink to provide more data on Smart Contracts. The collaboration will enable buying and selling signals of Bitcoin and altcoins.

In a tweet, Chailnlink states that “by integrating with Chainlink, smart contracts can easily obtain crypto data from Tokenview regarding hashrate, large transaction alerts, address tagging and more.”

Tokenview elaborates on its aim. It says: ‘’We are committed to providing investors, institutions, and developers of crypto and blockchain with a variety of accurate and reliable data services, including all-in-one transfer information query services that everyone needs, hash rate and mining pool data that miners are concerned about, and a variety of professional data and API services for institutions and developers.’’

The main task of the Chainlink platform is to connect on-chain and off-chain services. It is an oracle mechanism that the company wants to make fully decentralized.

What is the key to Chainlink’s success?

The are several reasons for its popularity. The main is cooperation with SWIFT. Rumor has it been going on for a while now, however, supporting evidence has only started to appear. Its other big partners include Zeppelin OS, Request Network, Signal Capital.

Even though ChainLink’s token was under pressure in 2018, things have drastically changed. In 2019 Chainlink launched on the mainnet and their token grew by 400%. Later Binance listed LINK.

Hence, LINK has secured a market cap of nearly $1 billion.

Today, LinkChain is doing well. Nearly every day we hear about new nodes joining the platform. And it looks like more interesting announcements are coming very soon.

Meanwhile, LINK continues to surge. Last month, Altcoin Buzz reported that it became the 15th largest cryptocurrency. And it seems, it has preserved the tendency.


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