Launch Syndicate Platform with EOS Coin Discount is premiering the Syndicate platform that lists the EOS coin.

Recently, announced the launch of its exchange that is purportedly the most liquid one on the market.

Now, the company is offering a new feature. The launch of the Syndicate platform. It comes together with an EOS Coin listing. The latter includes a 500,000 USD allocation at 50% OFF for Coin (CRO) stakers.

The news shows the company’s progress as it follows the successful beta launch of the exchange. Importantly, the EOS listing event starts on Tuesday, 17th December 2019

How it works

The users’ maximum amount of CRO for listing depends on the amount staked on the Exchange.

Besides, the company cautioned that these tokens may not be not eligible for the EOS coin subscription during listing. Concurrently, its participants will receive their EOS Coin allocation at distribution time. In a case where the total pledged amount for the listing event stands above the total discounted allocation, the individual participant’s final EOS coin allocation gets calculated as follows:



Not everyone can participate gave insights into how other aspects will roll out.

Firstly, the EOS coin gets listed on the exchange and application on Tuesday, 17th December 2019. Accordingly, the trading pairs include EOS/BTC, EOS/USDT, and EOS/CRO.

Secondly, the exchange holds the right to cancel or amend the Syndicate campaign rules at its sole discretion.

Finally, citizens and residents of the United States, China, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong can’t partake in the Syndicate campaign.

Furthermore, doesn’t charge any listing fees. Instead, it helps projects raise the capital they need to continue building critical infrastructure.

The Syndicate project carries benefits as new projects listing on the Exchange can increase the utility of their coin. This includes spending via the card, earning interest on their coin, and using the coin as a collateral for instant loans. And using the coin on the Pay network.

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