Litemint Acquires Stellarport

Popular apps and games startup platform Litemint has revealed that it now owns Stellarport.

The platform made this announcement via a tweet.

The tweet reads: “Exciting times ahead! LitemintHQ acquires the renowned decentralized exchange and service platform Stellarport.”

This acquisition aims to connect the crypto space to the gaming industry, all on Stellarport. For the uninitiated, Stellarport is your gateway to the Stellar network.

Currently, the mobile gaming industry is worth $68.5 billion. It also boasts of a large number of gamers from all walks of life around the world. That said, this industry alone can help facilitate worldwide crypto adoption. And this partnership is set to do it.

What’s Litemint all about?

Litemint is an open-ended app and game platform. Designed on open-source, decentralized protocol Stellar, Litemint aims to bring together the gaming sector and fast-rising blockchain markets. It plans to connect and provide gamers with new opportunities as well as tokenized game assets such as collectibles and non-fungible tokens. Though still a startup company, it boasts of about 36,000 users every month.

Stellar port, on the other hand, is a very important asset in the Stellar ecosystem. With about 100,000 users, it provides Litemint with a robust operating base.

What to expect?

Despite the acquisition, there will be no change to Stellarport’s mission. After all, it is well-known in the Stellar ecosystem. Litemint users will also have unlimited access to the Stellarport chat system. Thus, providing users with hitch-free opportunities across all platforms.

Litemint will also enable a “Basic Mode” on the Stellarport exchange. This will make it easier for new and uninformed users to trade crypto. Also facilitating the usage of all assets backed by Stellarport such as cross-currency in-app purchases.

Litemint has expressed high hopes about the acquisition. The gaming startup believes that as long as strong synergy potential, user interaction, assets interchange, and minimal redundancy is fostered, the acquisition will soar to great heights. Also adding that, “We strongly believe that with such acquisition we are witnessing the birth of a powerful aggregate, fully geared for mass adoption, in the Stellar ecosystem.”


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