Today’s XRP news is pure speculation, but it still got the XRP community hyped. Temenos, a Swiss software provider to financial institutions, signed a contract with PayPal. What has that to do with XRP? Temenos handles the deployment of xRapid amongst Ripple partners. 

According to the latest news, Temenos has signed a contract with online payments processor PayPal. Temenos is a technology company that offers back-end software solutions for banks.

Currently, Temenos works with more than 3000 companies across the world, including the biggest banks. Therefore, it is expected that Temenos will play a huge role in driving up the integration of XRapid into the banking industry.

As a result, some observers believe that its new partnership with PayPal represents an opportunity for the integration of xRapid as a PayPal-hosted payment method.

JackTheRippler, a well-known name in the XRP community, tweeted:

Of course, it has to be said that the link with xRapid is pure speculation and for now quite far fetched. Ali Yazbek, a crypto market analyst, said about the news:

“The connection that is being made by some on social media between Temenos and PayPal is pure speculation at this stage. There is nothing to indicate that xRapid – a remittance system – would necessarily make a good fit for PayPal, particularly as it would undermine PayPal’s current business model which relies specifically on relatively high fees, above all when moving money between different currencies – but it does represent a positive development in the sense that it may one day act as a bridge between PayPal and Ripple”


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