Raven Protocal has partnered with Binance Chain. The partnership is geared towards exploiting the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. Raven Protocol is a company whose main aim is creating and making good use of the potentials embedded in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Companies on Binance Chain making history

Raven Protocol is joining the Binance Chain movement and is among the first set of companies to launch their tokens on the platform. The company alongside others on the Binance Chain is definitely making history and bringing the crypto industry one step closer to decentralization.

A large portion of the world’s population do not understand the battle a minor section of the AI community is facing to ensure that AI is affordable and accessible to everyone. We all know that AI is here and that it will be an integral part of our lives soon. Several AI companies are looking for ways to include AI into their systems as well as create new and better ways to improve the technology.  

Raven protocol was created to improve the economic exploitation of AI by such individuals and companies. The company is the first truly distributed protocol firm for deep learning.

About Binance Chain

Binance Chain is a new blockchain by top global cryptocurrency exchange Binance. It is a software system blockchain in which the parent platform Binance is only a contributor.

Several other participants in the crypto community are also in the project. Binance Chain has reached out to developers, calling on them to help its initiative to build the financial chain.

Binance Chain main focus is on the transfer and trading of blockchain assets, it also offers new opportunities to facilitate the flow of blockchain assets into the future. Binance Chain is interested in ensuring top performance, usability, and liquidity. The platform recently teamed up with Chiliz to help expand the tokenization of sport teams.

This recent move by Binance Chain will help boost the issuance of new cryptocurrencies and create a strong platform for startup projects, ICOs and tokens.


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