In order to bring mainstream adoption to tokenized securities, 3 major players team up to make the process easier for Asian companies and enterprises. Securitize teams up with STO Global X and Coinstreet Partners.

Tokenized securities are still in its infancy stage, but that’s not stopping major players like Securitize from creating a strong foundation for what’s to come. China is a major country in Asia and it has a strong stance against ICO’s, but this new ecosystem could provide a safer investment portal for their citizens. Tokenized securities, however, provide a more legitimate platform for fundraising and digitizing assets.

The partnership between SecuritizeSTO Global X and Coinstreet Partners is critical in creating a safe and secure ecosystem for digital security offerings or DSO’s. The purpose of these partnerships is to bring DSO to the Asian market. STO Global X is a security token exchange, Coinstreet Partners is a token consultancy and crypto investment firm, and the third partner, Securitize, is a blockchain-based digital security issuance and management platform. Securitize has launched several security token offerings already. They are one of the first legitimate companies to enter the space after the initial coin offering frenzy of 2017.

How will this partnership function?

Securitize will help Asian enterprises in tokenizing their assets while STO Global X will help those companies that have created digital assets, to trade them on their exchange. A platform that will provide liquidity. Coinstreet will provide professional advice for companies entering this new space. It’s a full circle of services for new companies that want to tokenize assets.

Here’s a direct quote from the founder and CEO of Coinstreet Partners, Samson Lee: “we are very excited about this strategic partnership with Securitize. This will enable us to offer a one-stop security token offering (STO) solution to enterprises, allowing them to leverage a new alternate path in the capital market.”

The ultimate goal for these companies is to increase adoption of tokenized securities. We here at Altcoin Buzz have touched upon the tokenized security ecosystem with our articles about tZERO and Ravencoin. Securitize and STO Global X are the companies who are in the same realm and are openly competing. They are all, however, trying to drive forward mainstream adoption of tokenized securities.


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