IBM V-ID and Fantom partner

With an exciting industrial partner expected to be onboarded this week, V-ID’s recent partnerships with IBM and Fantom are a good start, to say the least.

About the V-ID and IBM Partnership

IBM is a major player in the technology field. Providing hardware, software, cloud-based services and more it has a strong presence in tech-industry. The New York Headquartered company is at the forefront of blockchain adoption and V-ID is joining them.

V-ID has partnered with IBM, installing the first IoE sensor on the roof of the Netherlands headquarters. The aim here is to sense and analyze environmental data. The data types would be levels of micro-dust, humidity, CO2 and temperature. Effectively, it will be helpful in reducing unnecessary energy use, helping create healthy and comfortable environments for communities. And will help identify risks and problems even before they occur.

The IoE sensor links to IBM Watson and V-ID provides the mechanism to certify that the sensor’s data originates from a trusted source.  Furthermore, it allows for a solid setup to scale and better understand the impacts within their ecosystem.

Watch the video below!


More on the Fantom Partnership

Fantom aims to be the “core of the new internet.” With an ecosystem that is highly advanced in regards to security, speed and scalability they are a great partner for V-ID. And will provide consensus for distributed networks.

In 2020 V-ID and Fantom will be partnering to work on multiple government projects. Moreover, exciting partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks!

New Industrial Client:

What the start of 2020. V-iD just closed a deal with a global hardware player. With this, a number of clients will integrate V-ID tech into their product family! Stay Tuned for updates on Altcoin Buzz!

Binance Community Vote:

Don’t forget! Tomorrow, Thursday the 20th of February, VID will be taking place in the community vote to be listed on Binance. With such great adoption in 2019 and a promising line up for 2020, we believe it deserves to be listed and needs your support. Have your say on Thursday! Find more info below.

Learn More and Vote:

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