7 BRC-20 Gems With 20 -100X Potential

You can inscribe BRC-20 tokens. You may know the used technique as an Ordinal inscription. This all happens on the Bitcoin chain. It most certainly sets the Bitcoin ecosystem on fire. Now inscribing is spilling over to other chains as well. 

So, we are going to take a look at 7 of the BRC-20 gems with a high potential. They sure are on fire.

1 MultiBit Protocol (MUBI)

The MultiBit Protocol provides a bridge between EVM chains, the BNB chain, and Bitcoin. It allows EVM DeFi protocols to join the Bitcoin network. On the other hand, Ordinals can bridge to Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon. 

The MultiBit Protocol bridge is dual-sided. It’s the first bridge that does this for BRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens. The MUBI token launched last month in November. Ever since, it’s up by 1641%. Its marketcap went from $89 million in early December to $314 million. The current MUBI token price is $0.25.

2 Ordinals (ORDI)

Ordinals are the inscribed Satoshi. These are the smallest Bitcoin units. Once you inscribe them, they can become valuable. Currently, BRC-20 gems are going through the roof. The ORDI token is a meme coin. However, it has the first-mover advantage. They were the first inscribed BRC-20 token.

Since early this month, they have been flying high. The ORDI token price went from $20 to well over $50. Their current market cap is over $1 billion. The first BRC-20 tokens to achieve this.

3 BitStable Finance (BSSB)

Say hi to DAII by BitStable Finance (BSSB). It’s the first-ever stablecoin in the BRC-20 ecosystem. For example, you can stake the MUBI token. As a reward, you receive the BSSB token. This you can use as collateral for DAII. 

The current price for the BSSB token is $5.84. The market cap went from $6.6 million to $84 million in less than three weeks. Its ATH was $9.52, on December 19th. 

4 TurtSat (TURT)

TurtSat (TURT) is a BRC-20 launchpad. If you stake your TURT tokens, you receive the EGGS token as a reward. 

The TURT token price is $0.06928. It has a marketcap of $65.8 million. In early December, that was only $9 million. The TURT price saw a 1620% surge during the last 30 days. Once more, this proves that this ecosystem is on fire.

5 Dova Protocol (DOVA)

Dova Protocol bridges liquidity between the BRC-20 network and the EVM ecosystem. The protocol partners for this with TurtSat. It already has the DOVA token, but both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap don’t list it yet. As a result, we don’t have any information on the marketcap. However, the current DOVA token price is $0.0389.

6 Chax World (CHAX)

Chax Bitcoin is the first platform to bring RWA into the BRC-20 ecosystem. For this, it uses Chamcha. There’s also a Chamcha bridge between the Bitcoin and EVM ecosystems. This brings two highly popular and trending narratives together, RWA and BRC-20. Furthermore, there’s more, Chax also offers AI yield farming

The CHAX token price is $0.0103. However, there’s no information available on the marketcap. During the last 30 days, the token is up by 1220%.

7 Ghosty (GHSY)

Ghosty is about privacy in the BRC-20 ecosystem. In other words, your transactions are anonymous. Nobody can trace your swaps on the app. Privacy was another big narrative during 2023, and will even be bigger in 2024.

The current GSHY token price is $1.08. Its marketcap is $35.7 million. The token launched on 18th December. During that week, it went up by 48.5%.


BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin are making a name for themselves. They are taking off, left and right. We take a look at 7 promising tokens in this ecosystem. They can do 20-100x and some are already halfway there to reach this target.


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