AcknoLedger shares information about product development. The AcknoLedger product update is a celebration of technological advancement.

The team from AcknoLedger considers transparency and accessibility as the most important thing in the development process. Because of that, they have published on 17th of January the latest product updates for their partners and investors.

In their product update, they have shared recent product updates. Also, they highlighted their quarterly plans. The investors and community members can discover how the product evolves, and they can see what are the utilities and salient features of the product.
These are some of the most important happenings at AcknoLedger:

  • NFT search engine
    During Phase 1, AcknoLedger launches their NFT Search Engine to assist in mapping all of the NFTs in the existing database. It is the same optimization that Google performs for its web pages in Web 2.0, where you can input relevant descriptions or keywords and locate all the NFTs that are linked to them.
    This NFT search engine API enables the mapping and indexing of their NFTs, which includes all of their partner Metaverses, Marketplaces, and gaming NFTs. Users who want to buy NFTs can make well-informed decisions on why and which NFTs to buy. The AcknoLedger Search Engine assists them in fully understanding the various characteristics of the NFTs.
  • Utility of ACK in NFT Search Engine
    As the product progress into Phase 2, optimization will start. AcknoLedger will invite other Metaverses to integrate the NFT search engine into their ecosystem in exchange for fees paid in ACK tokens.
  • Lending and Borrowing NFTs
    Furthermore, AcknoLedger has made partnerships with well-known companies in the DeFi business. The benefits of that partnership will be available to their partners and users. They will be able to lend and borrow NFTs and other digital assets through our partner DeFi ecosystems, in addition to using their NFT holdings as collateral.
About AcknoLedger

A global consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets across all Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. AcknoLedger achieves its objectives by utilizing the M2D (Map – Monetize – Distribute) paradigm. By indexing all non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from gaming, metaverse, and marketplace, collectors can get new insights and make informed decisions.

The purpose of the AcknoLedger network is to create a single source of truth for all kinds of content and intellectual property (IP) ownership. This requires the use of blockchain. It will include IT companies, colleges, and government entities, as well as other reliable sources. They will serve as validators and governors for the AcknoLedger, ensuring its authenticity while also expanding its use.

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