ArGo V2 Launch is Around the Corner

ArGo to the Moon. Exciting developments, strategic partnerships, and updates rock the ArGo ecosystem. The blockchain deployment platform ArGo, known for facilitating the easy deployment of front-end web has revealed details of several updates on its platform.

These updates range from strategic partnerships, improvements, and also its ArGo V2 launch coming up soon. In an official blog post, the decentralized tech platform spoke extensively about its achievements in recent times. Adding that ArGo has “[…] grown in every sense possible since its inception.”

The platform also elaborated on its upcoming ArGo V2 launch as well as several upcoming partnerships with top players in the blockchain and crypto space. The entire crypto space recently showed some form of a bullish trend, however, ArGo was majorly in the green zone last week. This, essentially, is a pointer to the imminent expansion of the platform.

ArGo Imminent Growth

Being in the green zone despite current bullish trends in the crypto space is a pointer that ArGo is gearing up for expansion and growth. Interestingly, last month the blockchain deployment platform recorded over 2.13 million on Twitter with about 200 tweets. Also, about 11,400 followers (amounting to approximately 150% growth) joined its Twitter handle. This increase in traction was also recorded on other social media platforms like Telegram, etc.

Also, ArGo airdropped NFTs and its native token ARGO to women chosen by ArGo community members on Twitter. The NFT piece airdropped represented the stages, mindsets, and accomplishments of a woman’s life.

Strategic Partnership With Cryption Network

The blockchain deployment platform recently strategically partnered with Cryption Network. The partnership according to its official blog post will provide ArGo with more use cases as well as solve pending issues relating to web hosting and data storage.
Cryption Network is also well-known for its user-friendly product that assists retail investors to join the crypto space. This, in turn, facilitates global cryptocurrency adoption.

Together, both platforms will facilitate the launch of a pilot program with Cryption and will consist of:

  • The decentralization of their web data launch.
  • Strategic data management for upcoming product launch.
  • Back-up storage support for data using SDK.

Apart from the partnership with Cryption, several other partnerships are expected on the ArGo platform. These partnerships, according to reports, are completely user-centered.

More on ArGo

ArGo is a developer-friendly bridge connecting developers to decentralized storage networks (DSN). This is an important feat because most decentralized web hosting platforms available today are difficult to maneuver and use. ArGo user-friendly interface brings an end to this issue. It ensures easy and efficient front-end web deployment. It is also actively involved in solving the issue of centralization and censorship using blockchain technology.

ARGO Price

At the time of writing, ARGO token was trading at $0.282167 with a 24-hour trading volume of $63,989.

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