Open-source software publisher, the company behind EOS, has launched its much-anticipated EOSIO 2.0 protocol.

It made this announcement via a press release on October 8, 2019. is the parent company of popular EOS protocol. According to the press release, the upgrade will help improve security and performance. This announcement comes barely two weeks after the launch of EOS v.1.8.

EOSIO is a smart contract protocol on blockchain. It aims to create and host DApps (Decentralized Applications). It makes use of the delegated Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism.

Forgot your private keys? No worries

According to the press release, EOSIO has undergone a series of improvements. For instance, it has added a WebAssembly engine (WASM). WASM will improve the performance of blockchain apps, enabling efficient and effective resource use when processing smart contracts.

WebAuthn is also another very important addition. The blockchain has incorporated WebAuthn authentication standards. This makes it possible for users to authenticate and sign in without an additionally installed software or extensions. The press release alleges that this singular improvement will improve security, even if users forget their private keys or other account details.

The software publisher also added the Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production Support. This will provide producers with secure backup hardware. team is also building the EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE. This tool enables new devs “to go from start to ready-to-build in minutes.” The company believes that the new inclusion will meet the needs of developers.

The press release reads: “Our solution: build our own, designed from the ground up with blockchain in mind. EOS VM, our purpose-built blockchain WASM engine, runs the EOS Mechanics WASM CPU benchmarks up to 16x faster than Binaryen, which was released with EOSIO 1.0.”

Speaking on the recent upgrade, CFO, Daniel Larimer in a tweet said that the upgrade was already available for download. In his own words: “Eosio 2 rc1 is officially available for community to download and utilize on testnets and even non critical eos nodes. He added that the version is “super fast!”

The company bought $25 million worth of RAM in May.


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