Crypto and Jingle Bells? Here's How to Travel Using Bitcoin This Christmas

Crypto can greatly facilitate your Christmas traveling. Here is an overview of travel sites accepting Bitcoin and altcoins during the holiday period.

Christmas arrangements can take time and effort. But crypto payments can help do everything more efficiently. It seems like travel agencies have realized the potential of digital money. So today crypto holders can go ahead and pay for their trips with BTC and other leading coins.

So, which travel agencies will accept crypto?

For example, Cheapair. Here, you can buy air tickets and make hotel bookings with BTC, BTH, LTC, ETH, and Dash. Choose whichever destination you want and stay in more than 200,000 hotels.

Concurrently, Travala is suggesting 80,000 destinations and 200,000 accommodation options. And you can foot your bills with BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH. The travel agency offers the Best Price Guarantee program, which makes it a fair competitor on the market. Currently, the company is conducting an invite competition, offering you to win a share of $5,000 in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.Travel is another viable option. It can process payments in seven digital currencies. These are  BCHBTCETHETCLTCDASH and DOGE. You can travel worldwide with this company.

Travelbybit is also a platform that accepts your crypto coins. In addition to the main cryptocurrencies, it also allows payment in Binance’s token BNB. No wonder: the site is operated by the famous exchange.

The Greitai service enables spending crypto on low-cost flights. If you sign up, you’ll receive a 5% reward in Bitcoin. It’s also possible to make payments in XRP as well as other coins.

Not only flights and hotels

Some companies and services offer more digital money purchase options. Thus, the Destinia agency offers you to buy train tickets, hire cars, and ski packages.

At the same time, Bitpay service has integrated with some travel agencies to enhance its capacities during the holiday period. They are Corporate TravellerAirteks and Fluege.

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