hottest gaming gem in 2023

Imagine your favorite type of game. Maybe it’s strategy, a first-person shooter, or a battle style. And what if you didn’t have to choose between favorites when you play with your friends?

What if everyone’s favorite game was within the same metaverse? Wouldn’t that be cool Now you can. Meet Sidus Heroes.

What is Sidus Heroes?

I’ve got something great and a little different from my usual for you today. We are going to talk about Sidus Heroes because they have a terrific new update to their games and metaverse coming out this week.

But that’s not all. Our own Altcoin Buzz CEO, Shash Gupta, got a chance to talk to the CEO of Sidus, Dan Khomenko. We will show you pieces of that interview today too. Sidus Heroes is a metaverse full of planets. Each planet has its own specific game type. By this, we mean:

  • Shooter game
  • Battle game
  • Strategy game, and more.

So one incredible benefit of playing Sidus is that if you have a particular game preference just go to that planet and play. Or if you like variety you can move between planets and go from shooter to strategy and back again. Whatever you prefer. You have lots of great choices when playing Sidus Heroes. Here is a P2E game built on Sidus.


Xenna is a new game getting ready to launch on Sidus Heroes. And along with the cool gameplay you are watching in the background, it has some great features. And it’s free to play. You can OWN part of the game. Imagine with every in-game transaction you get a piece of it. With Xenna, 30% of all fees go to Sidus and 70% go to all owners including you.

This is part of Xenna’s Ark module and their modular economy. You will hear more about that now.

The Modular Economy in Sidus Heroes

I know some of you have heard of modular blockchains before where the chain does not cover every layer for a transaction. By the way, here is some Xenna game footage in the background. A modular economy is a similar idea. Each game or service module is its own entity with its own economy, owners, and benefits.

The NFT marketplace and Bank modules on Sidus are 2 examples. Both have separate lists of owners (in the hundreds) who all get a piece of each transaction. Imagine being the bank and getting a piece of every financial movement that happens. Well, you can. And the Xenna Ark module is a whole new game that you can own a piece of. This game carries an important feature to link it up to other planets and games.

Fuel on Sidus Heroes

The fuel you need to power your ship from one planet to another is here on Xenna. The mined fuel crystals are valuable for all players. And for you, that means lots of transactions if you are an owner of the SIDUS token.

In our last interview section coming up, you will hear more about how the modular economy in Sidus works. Sidus CEO Dan Khomenko goes into some detail explaining how the economy works. That includes its royalty earning system where you earn a % of the revenue forever.

The Building Blocks of Mass Adoption

You heard it in this previous section of the interview. Sidus is preparing for huge adoption levels. Why? Because their game is built in the browser. Unlike Unreal Engine games, which have great graphics, anyone on almost any device will be able to play Sidus Heroes. That’s what building in the browser gives you.

You don’t have to be an American or European who can afford high-end gaming cards for your PC. Anyone in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, or anywhere with a cell phone can play and get great results with no reduction in speed. And all that adoption is bullish for their 2 tokens. $SIDUS is the in-game currency. Anything you want to buy, sell, or use means using SIDUS.

$SENATE is the governance token. So if you want to have a say in how this metaverse develops over time, then this is your token. The recent token performance shows how bullish people are too. In the last 90 days, $SIDUS has done a 2.5x up to $0.0023. 

Meanwhile, $SENATE has done more than 2x in the last 90 days too, up to 7.7 cents each. That’s a great performance in what has been a tough market for everyone. And not just that. Most of you know that when a coin lists on a big exchange a pump comes after.

Sidus is coming to a top 5 exchange really soon. They even have a contest if you pick the right exchange. Check it out. Plus, when adoption takes off, their coins will too.

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